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November 10, 2007

From a place, i came. But the sad thing is that i can not see it in many fields, especially in some of the most important walks of life. May be, this is because of my fate.

There is a big shining star in the sky, when i see it, the rolling tears of mine are falling like a river. Oh, my dear mother, don't worry. How far i go, i be back to the place i belong.

There is a white cloud in the sky and i send letter to you by it and write all my best wishes to you, Oh my dear mother. wherever i go, i see you each and every single moment.

The summer rains fall with their own pleasant songs and cease all the sorrows. Oh, my dear mother, whenever come, i can hear your words of love.

Be happy and love your mother as "Mother is the dearest one in this world"


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01:03 PM Nov 18 2007



Every mother isn't the dearest one in this world.

Mothers have theire own failures.

We all live far away from the health and from God. We are ill and suffering from all kinds of problems in the world. Who is really intact?