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Mapleleaf Man


May 21, 2012

If ever there was a universal language, it would be English. If you know eve a bit of English, you would probably be able to travel around the world quite easily. 

People ask me about English every day. How to learn? How to speak? Increase my vocabulary? Read, read and read is always my answer. Whether you are reading a newspaper online or a book from a library, reading English is the BEST way to learn. Your vocabulary will increase and you will begin to understand how we arrange our words in English.

Not every language is the same in the way words are arranged. English has hundreds of thousands of words and we arrange them differently than, say, Chinese or Arabic. You don't have to know every English word, just around 3,000 to start. If you can read a news article online, you're well on your way to being proficient in English. 

Don't give up. Do something every single day, even if you don't feel like it. Read something onine, pick up a newspaper or watch a DVD with English sub-titles. You can even practice with a friend.

My neighbour has been in Canada for 35 years. He owns a house and has worked here for decades. You know what? I honestly can't understand two words out of ten that he says. Trust me, you are better than you think you are. If he can survive in Canada, you can too.

Thanks for reading my blog. Comments are welcome.  

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View all entries from The Maple Leaf Rag >

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