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Mapleleaf Man


January 11, 2017

Apologies for my long absence. I don't get over to Ebaby as much as I used to but I'm still around now and then. 2017 gives you an opportunity for a new start, maybe another fresh way to learn English.
Sure, you can go to classes and learn reams of words but I think the best way might be to teach yourself. Start with one simple book, even one that is far below your current level. Read it again and again until you know every word, every sentence and the meaning. I'm thinking of a children's book here, one for ages 5-10, something like that.
Once you get comfortable with that, pick a teen book or a pre-teen book. A mystery would be both interesting and educational. Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys would be my choice. Read a chapter a day with your dictionary beside you. If you get stuck, start again. Once you get a full chapter read and understood, move on.
Good luck and thanks for reading. I hope to be posting more blog entries soon.

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View all entries from The Maple Leaf Rag >

06:03 PM Jan 15 2017

United States

Welcome back! Looking forward to your new entries.