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" Into reading"

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April 30, 2012

Many would say reading a book's boring or it's just a paper full of letters and ununderstandable words. Others will apply the author didn't do a good work or wasn't inspired or just what he did is boring.

Well, the genuine gift we get from reading is precisely the motivation that makes our mind go beyond the boundries of the already existent world. Sometimes, we find a book is not that attractive as we thought it was to be. Maybe due to its inside full of fantasy and imagination " Too much wandering-mind. This author sucks" say many. But if you want to enjoy a really good book and make benefit from it, just pick the one according to its catogory. If you love ROMANCE and hate FANTASY, obviously pick ROMEO AND JUELIET and not HARRY POTTER. Or in reverse. I liked both, the whole saga of HARRY POTTER and the Twilight saga. I may have enjoyed more Potter's saga cuz I love fantasy and let my mind go across the wall set by our world's reality limits. The book stops being a book from the very moment you dip into its inside. But because we take part in it and then it's us, the character if we're loyal till the end or we quit before it and gave up being part of the whole tale. But if you see you don't like the book you're reading just drop it and get something else according to your taste... LITERATURE is just the translation of the vision of an author's eye printed into words.  The gift LITERATURE gives is we can break the rules of the REAL WORLD set our own with a different viewpoint.

I invite you to have a look at my blogs. My writings are written in Spanish. But I'll be also editing my stories in English. Hope you enjoy it :D


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