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My name is Ling

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January 10, 2011

He is a very bad man.

What he has done effects my life so much, I will have problems to trust in most of the men.

But, I have to be strong, I have to know how to protect my heart, and believe everything will be alright.


I got a pay raise 2 days ago and I think it means my company likes me. I am a good worker.

I just need to keep who I am and always believe I will have a bright future.


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05:32 AM Jan 11 2011


good to hear your pay raised, good luck to you,by the way, not all men are bad man.

09:01 AM Jan 10 2011


Yes u should keep who u r ,, and be ur Self no matter what Happeneds .. 

and keep it As Strong As u r =)