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nothing is the same




August 2, 2009

In my opinion when We meet somebody sometimes He/She with his/her attitudes can becomes in a special person for us, so all things that She/He shares with us like time, feelings, ideas, messages, letters make us feel a better person.

 I think that a special person sows a grain of love in our heart and I believe that When We meet a lovely person We become in a stronger person because He/She gives us part of his/her essence( soul) We are made of small pieces of all nice people that We have met in our life.

When our friend or love leaves us the pain can be unbearable because We need him/her and We need all the things that They gave us ( no material things) I miss someone because I Feel that He/She is essential for me like the air to live.

June 14, 2009

This blog is for all my friends on ebaby!!

I want to say them:

thanks for sharing with me time, comments and the most important part of his/her life.

I feel proud because God allowed me to find beautiful persons on ebaby.

at the beginning  ebaby was a internet page to improve my level of English but after this site  became in a place where I meet friends with a big hearth.


10:34 AM Jul 29 2009


KissKissKiss x 1000 from one of your friends!!! Nice blog, Adri!!! Thanks for dedicating it to us - your friends!!! You've read my blog and you know right well how special friend you are and how much i love you, cos we shared our dreams, our worries, our troubles and almost everything. As you know those things can be shared only with close friends!!! Thats why i wanna remind you that you are really appreciated, loved and will be never forgotten!!!
LUV YA!!!Innocent

January 24, 2009

I`m wasting my time in my room, I`m wasting my time without you and  I feel pain when I see you in my photos. I want to tell you that it  was my mistake I want to tell you  that I will never forget you.

it was my mistake if you can hear me I want to tell you that I remember you yet!

I`m sorry, it was my mistake

it`s not easy for me to live without you!!!!


10:33 PM Feb 22 2009




03:03 PM Jan 25 2009


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 Don't say like that....I can understand how is ur condition there....Believe me,... our friendship will still going on... although we can't contact all the day n every moment....U are always be one of my friend in my mind n my heart...  TRUE FRIENDS are not easy to leave u, when u don't contact them frequently...They will look for u until find u again or waiting for u... until u came back :) Even, when u are far, they will miss u so much n thinking of u.... ;)  Smile

04:59 AM Jan 25 2009


Saudi Arabia

be  optimitic  myfriend

i agree  with yy

and take breath

there   could some thing  make us  strong

i would like  to hear ur sotry  if u want


good luck

and bestwhises to u

12:01 AM Jan 25 2009



open your window and find your life more colorful

08:06 PM Jan 24 2009



dont worry!

everythin' gonna be alright!