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December 18, 2008

  1.English common phrase: 'caught up to speed'Definition: finally lighten your work load and get the job done!
Ex: After working all through the night, Jane was happily 'caught up to speed' with her colossal pile of laundry.
2.English common phrase: 'no skin off my nose'
Definition: another's actions that does not affect you.
Ex: It's no skin off my nose if Ted insists on acting like a jerk.if you want to know the origin of this phrase check this website..it has a very funny history
3English common phrase: 'it never rains but it pours'
Definition: troubling times all come at once.
Ex: I tell you Betty, with all the trouble this family has seen in the past week, it never rains but it pours, to be sure! lemme try one sentence here,ummmFirst of all my bf dumped me then i lost my job and couldnt find one so far , now my best friend had a terrible accident
-- it never rains but pours!!!!god,what the hell is going on in my life..
4.English common phrase: 'let the cat out of the bag'
Definition: to tell a secret.
Ex: Remember everybody, this is a surprise party for Bob so please, do not let the cat out of the bag about our plans!   origin:This expression alludes to the dishonest practice of a merchant substituting a worthless cat for a valuable pig, which is discovered only when the buyer gets home and opens the bag. #Her sister let the cat out the bag and told us she was engaged to Peter
5.English common phrase: 'the sun is splitting the rocks'
Definition: Glorious sunny weather.
Ex: Rise and shine everyone, as the sun is splitting the rocks and we have a picnic to attend!
6.English common phrase: 'come hell or high water'
Definition: nothing will stand in your way.
Ex: Come hell or high water, I fully intend to visit my family this Christmas!
-- Mom, i don’t care what you think. I made up my mind , i m gonna marry that guy come hell or high water. You cant stop me.......(poor mom...  
7English common phrase: butter someone up Definition: to praise someone or flatter someone excessively in order to get something from him or herEx:John was always buttering up the boss, so he was surprised when he failed to get a promotion.”       Save your breath and don’t try to butter me up, I m not gonna lend you any money.8. English common phrase: whatever floats your boat Definition: whatever pleases youEx: Peter: I’d prefer to go on Sunday   John: ok, whatever floats your boat.9. English common phrase: hunky-dory Definition: everything is okEx: peter: I don’t feel well         John: go to bed and get some good sleep and you will be all hunky-dory in the morning.10. English common phrase: birthday suit Definition; to be completely nakedEx: What!!! You want me to put a birthday suit on?!!! No way. .111. English common phrase: blow one’s own hornDefinition: to drag about oneselfEx: Although usually modest, I had to blow my own horn a bit during the job interview in order to show my confidence  12. English common phrases: barking up the wrong tree Definition: looking for something in the wrong place.Ex: if you’re looking for a new job, you are barking up the wrong tree, we are not hiring right now. 13. English common phrase: not my cup of tea Definition: something you don’t enjoy muchEx: Some people love football, but it's just not my cup of tea. I prefer bowling. 14. English common phrase: 5 o’clock shadowDefinition: Facial stubble; a man's beard at the end of the day. Ex: Peter has a very heavy beard -- even though he shaves every morning, he gets a five o'clock shadow by lunchtime!15. English common phrase: dressed to kill Definition: Wearing fashionable clothing; dressed in one's most stylish and sophisticated apparel.Ex: she is really dressed to kill -- everyone in the room is looking at her!16. English common phrase: in someone’s hair  Definition: Constantly annoying; bothering someone again and again.Ex: 1) now i can say *My little niece is always getting in my hair! * hehehe..   2) Be careful how you fill out your tax forms -- you don't want the government in your hair.17. English common phrase: cut from the same cloth Definition: to be very similarExample: those two are cut from the same cloth, neither is very honest   18. English common phrase: the 800 pound of gorilla Definition: a person or a company is very dominantExample: most people would agree with me if I said that google is the 800 pound of gorilla of online advertising.19. English common phrase: step up to the plateDefinition: to take responsibility for something or to take on a challenging taskExample: with oil prices soaring, the government should take up to the plate to promote alternative energy.20. English common phrase: Achilles` heel Definition: a vulnerable weakness in spite of overall strengthsExample: though, he is an excellent athlete, swimming is his Achilles` heel21. English common phrase: pull someone’s leg Definition: to tell someone that is not true, as a way of joking with themExample: is she really angry with me or she is just pulling my leg.22. English common phrase: leave someone high and dry Definition: to put someone in a very difficult situation which they have no way of making betterExample: the stuck market crush left us high and dry with debts of 20000 dollars23: English common phrase: not have a leg to stand onDefinition: to have no support for his or his positionExample: the company settled the lawsuit, because they didn’t have a leg to stand on24. English common phrase: all thumbs Definition: awkward in holding thingsExample: can you thread the needle for me, I’m all thumbs 25English common phrase :Bite the bulletDefinition: to endure pain Example: it s time to just bite the bullet and admit that you did wrong.  

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