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April 30, 2010

Try to write a song


A magical story I'll tell you
is about a pair of lovers
two people that fall in love
later of a sweet and warm kiss.

I know, Im crazy for gave it
but my eyes awaiting for U
traveling for many roads
praying for stay together
and I'll show my inspiration.

I'm a crazy wanderer poet
that falling in love
for a beauty princess
I don't care if ur parents
reject our feelings
cuz both are falling in love
fall in love at the first sight.

The distance never been a obstacle
if our hearts beat in the same rhytm
I need to stay always with U
for stealing ome kiss more in this night

Don't forget me never darling
your presence always keep in me
touch me slowly and don't look the time
cuz the eternity be empty
if U not stay by my side.

I'm a crazy wanderer poet
that I'm falling in love
You're my princess
the owner of my kisses and my will
both are falling in love at first sight
and one kiss starts our crazy story.

I know the distance is bigger
but I feel U so close to me
respect our pact of love
never change it this warm sensation.

Give me a softly kiss
I interchange for this song
the story of a pair of lovers
that are fall in love
and never want to say "Good Bye"
cuz ur my muse and my inspiration.

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