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October 27, 2007

Sometimes is easier not to fight, is better to think that you don't have strength to continue fighting for what you want. Sometimes your life is perfect, everyday you thank God for how your life is and... suddenly, one day, everything changes. You feel very confused, lost, terribly lost, like nobody cares about you. But... a few days later... you understand your life is not so bad and there are people in it who love you and don't want you to be sad. That's the moment when you realise life is a present given to you and your duty in it is to enjoy it.


Life is not complicated, we are who make it difficult, with our wishes, our hopes... We would be happier if we didn't hope but... Is it worth not to hope, not to wish anything? Is it worth to have an easier life and if it is so simple?


All my problems are caused by my wishes but... I don't know if I were happier whether I had an easier life. What do you think?

01:30 PM Feb 17 2008

basketball player


  you ideas are perfect and very nice you remember me of my girlfriend she was saying the same thing about life and people who loves us..good


03:35 AM Jan 29 2008


 Your life will be happy when you keep it simple.. do not complecate yourself.. have a few simple desires, be happy with small things, be natural about your feelings. Do not isolate someone because of their age, or race, or any external adjetives. Be genuine, sincere, and do something good everyday, so you will feel worthy and good about yourself... that is the happiness right there!!

September 27, 2007

Today is a bad day. I’ve been waiting for Saturday night, lots of days. Finally, my boyfriend and I could meet us again, after being separated weeks and weeks, but in  the last moment, he texted me and told me that he wasn’t able to go because he must play a football match on Sunday. The world tumbled on my feet.Frown I became angry with everybody without reason and I feel sorry for myself and I’m delighted with my pain. I feel myself selfish and I don’t answer to my boyfriend’s calls and sms. I know that I’m stupid. I know that I mustn’t be doing something like this but I feel so badly… I can’t stand the situation anymore but I don’t know what to do. I love him too much to have an argument with him for something without importance like this. I need to cry only to feel better but I’m not able. I spend the days looking at the clouds and remembering moments at his side. Why have we to be separated? What can I do? What should I do? Could be normal what I’m feeling? I need HELP!!Cry

12:04 AM Oct 23 2007

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

you must make new friends like me.

02:12 PM Oct 14 2007


i m matthieu you look good .i wanna be your friend. melfuz21@hotmail.com

05:46 PM Oct 06 2007


In my opinion, you are not selfish, you don't have to be confused about your feelings, and I would have probably been meaner :P. By the way, im a guy, and I know what you did was not really bad. But you should at least tell him how bad you felt though, because some guys just dont understand women at all -.- You didn't see each other in weeks, and you planned to see each other on sunday, but he had to play football. That's fine, except for, how did he forget for 3 weeks he was gona play football on the day you were gona meet? I would say let him have it, but I wouldnt say to leave him for that one thing, just make sure he respects your feelings for him and what you want from him. Send me a message if you want to talk more about this.

07:29 AM Sep 30 2007


don't keep in mind,he just have something to do,beacuse as long as he love you,you should don't worride about it,the same thing happened on we.that's ok,tomorrow is sunny

12:13 PM Sep 29 2007



ashely13 if you want my advice and my help u'r welcom and i speak very good frensh so i'm waiting for u .l'essentiel c'est de ne pas paniquer


12:09 PM Sep 29 2007



ashely13 so my sweet friend i've ridden what you've written about u're boy friend so i'm so sorry for you and i hope realy  to help you hoeny if

11:38 AM Sep 27 2007


United Arab Emirates

dont worry about that every day someone broke with some one. so what do u think will happen if u broke with him? u can get 10 like him and more in seconds so i think u dont ever have to regreted if i were u i wont even think about situation like that and with all my respect its so silly. hun live ur life ur living once and if u can make it twice please tell me coz i have alot of things i have to regret on it. and if u looking for new guys i dont have to tell u how. u should know better that anybody else ( if u know what i mean) have a lovely day and dont forget to say hello to ur x_bf instead of me see ya around

09:12 AM Sep 27 2007

soso il7ilwa
United Arab Emirates



 if you really love him you will understand

you have the right to be angry but  not to ignore him

listen if you love him call

him tell him that your sorry tell him that you`ve missed him

you wannna see him thats it not get angry

06:38 AM Sep 27 2007


i totally think your feelings are normal :) I´d feel the same and I did it several times in the past - so nevermind ... but you shouldn´t be that angry to him anymore - there´s no real reason as you saidCool