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March 15, 2007

  As TEM-4 (test for English major) draws near,I should practise my English writing as much as possible.
  Arlene-our oral English teacher,an American lady,gave us a fresh feelings in her classes  today.She is so active and kind that I like her in the back of my head.There is something wonderful that I can utterly understand what she said suddenly.It's marvelous,I think.During these two periods,we just like playing games,what was more important,we can really learn some useful new words.
   Each of us was required to write down our English names on the blackboard,and then the others gave her/him an adjective which began with the first letter of her/his name.Mia,Day,Carrie and I was so zealous to find some derogatory adjectives for each other.It seemed that we got lots of fun from preaching down others.For instance,all of us compromised on the most suitable word for Mia-mad.But the adjective which  Arlene gave to her surprised us-majestic! Was it because she ever said that women should charge men for fun last Thursday? Carrie gave herself the word-charming(How could she be so impudence? hehe...).Arlene gave Day dangerous and me adorable.I was so happy
   After this game,I found that I could remember all the new words at a time.Owing to my outspokenness,I said loud:"I love this game!" She smiled to me.Maybe that was what she expected.I think that we hit the lottery by having Arlene as our Oral Englisn teacher. :)

PS:TEM-4 is to our English major what the entrance examination is to senior three students,so I must force myself not to be hung up anything.

January 10, 2007

Lately,I'm so busy with my study that I haven't much time to surf the internet.It's a pity that I can't make a reply to my friends in time:( Please forgive me^_~ After my final exams,I wil have enough time to chat with my friends...:)

12:55 AM Jan 20 2007


Viet Nam

Dear Friend,

You are very kind of saying this. Hope to become one of your friends to learn further from each other.

Pls contact me at ngocthinh_hh (yahoo nick, the invisual status), ngocthinh_hh (SKYPE) or michael_smith1972@hotmail (MSN)

Thank you and wishing you able to pass your exam with the best results/scores






December 19, 2006

    As Christmas draws near,all kinds of Christmas dacorations appear in the street.Why Christmas is so popular with Chinese,especially the young???

    My oral English teacher is a kind-hearted lady.I like her very much.Maybe she is missing her home.I would like to try my best to make her happy,so I will prepare a Christmas gift for her.

    What's the best gift for an American old lovely woman??? I'm thinking about it....

05:40 PM Dec 22 2006

usa chuck

usa chuck
United States


You seem like such a nice and caring person and I can tell you like your oral english teacher very much.

I think you should write her a poem or make her a card or even just write her a letter and let her know how much you appreciate her - these things are very personal and very special because these things from your heart are one of a kind and cannot be bought in a store in USA or China Tongue out

And maybe give her a candy cane along with the personal gift for her that you create.

Showing someone you care in a special way is often the most memorable gift of all.

Take care  Laughing

01:04 AM Dec 21 2006



In fact people rarely prefer common presents. I mean she probably have lots of “best gifts for an American old lovely woman”  In my opinion it is better to give her something Chinese ;) By the way do you use skype?