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December 19, 2006

    As Christmas draws near,all kinds of Christmas dacorations appear in the street.Why Christmas is so popular with Chinese,especially the young???

    My oral English teacher is a kind-hearted lady.I like her very much.Maybe she is missing her home.I would like to try my best to make her happy,so I will prepare a Christmas gift for her.

    What's the best gift for an American old lovely woman??? I'm thinking about it....

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05:40 PM Dec 22 2006

usa chuck

usa chuck
United States


You seem like such a nice and caring person and I can tell you like your oral english teacher very much.

I think you should write her a poem or make her a card or even just write her a letter and let her know how much you appreciate her - these things are very personal and very special because these things from your heart are one of a kind and cannot be bought in a store in USA or China Tongue out

And maybe give her a candy cane along with the personal gift for her that you create.

Showing someone you care in a special way is often the most memorable gift of all.

Take care  Laughing

01:04 AM Dec 21 2006



In fact people rarely prefer common presents. I mean she probably have lots of “best gifts for an American old lovely woman”  In my opinion it is better to give her something Chinese ;) By the way do you use skype?