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April 23, 2012

Sometimes, tragedy strikes without warning. I will spare everyone the details, as this happened as random as it could be, but suffice it to say, I lost someone close to me recently.

But what I will tell you is what a person learns from a tragedy. I learned that something can be so devistating that it actually changes your brain and leaves you chemically imbalanced. I thought I was OK. I actually was not.

All of us grieve differently and at our own pace. I have spoken to people involved in our incident, and it truly is amazing to see the vast differences in how people deal with things. While one person takes it so hard that they just can't handle simple tasks, another brushes it off like it never happened.  

There is nothing we can do that can prevent a tragedy. It can be "an act of God" or even something that a person does that is beyond our control. While nothing can undo the tragedy, find help. Talk to someone. Grieve however you must. But what everyone should do is to try to move on. There is nothing we can do when we dwell on the past. All we can do is treasure it.

Love to you all!

07:17 PM Dec 31 2013


Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

It's great !

September 20, 2011

Lately at my company, we have been doing job interviews. These interviews are really important for us as employers to understand the job seekers and employ the best of the best.

If you're looking for a job, I have a few suggestions. Do these thing and you will be highly considered. It's amazing that there are such simple things that one can do to increase their chances for employment.

1. Understand the company. Understand who you might work for.  This is important because I typically will ask: So, what do you know about our company? The answers are usually -- "I don't know much about it." As a reader, don't you think that it is odd for someone to apply for a job, get an interview, and not even know about the company they might work for? This is the shocking to me. 4 out of 5 people didn't do any research before they came for their interview. I dismissed them immediately.

2. Dress up for the interview. You will be informed of the uniform for your position as soon as you receive it. However, coming dressed down to your interview hurts your chances. I can't believe that people came in jeans and a t-shirt. One came in with a tank top and shorts. Regardless of the job (no matter where you apply), dress up in business attire. This makes you represent yourself as someone who will take your job seriously.

3. Be personable. Everyone gets training. Everyone must learn how to do a position. But the one thing that employers can not train is personality. Be pleasant and be energetic. Your enthusiam will give us the chance to see that you are excited to get the position. Being 'dry' or just blah during your interview (no matter how much experience you have) doesn't give you a better chance.

As always, this blog lets me vent out frustration and allow everyone to learn just a bit of information. Hopefully, this helps you in some way or another :)

12:34 AM Dec 26 2011

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thank you dale it was great

07:23 AM Nov 15 2011



Very nice Dale! It really helped me a lot! Thank you. :)

10:12 PM Nov 14 2011



It helps a lot, thanks Dale.

10:36 PM Oct 11 2011



Hi Dale, it's nice blog, so what answer do you expect from the first question, at least you could give us consideration, :)

02:13 PM Oct 03 2011



Appreciate your input on job-seeking. 

August 23, 2011

Last night, I went out with some friends. The night started great, but it didn't end that way.

No, we didn't end up in a fight or get arrested, but decisions were made and it cost us --financially.

We decided to gamble using casino slot machines. Now, I am not saying it was smart, but this blog is for me to re-assure myself to never do this again. Long story short, we lost. A lot.

People often make unintellgent decisions when consuming alcholic beverages. I am glad that I didn't hurt anyone (we had a designated driver who was not drunk), but gambling is a disease. When I woke this morning, the pain of my decision making hurt my bank account.

Gambling. Most of us do it for the chance to strike it rich the easy way. In many stories from various religions, this a sin. To me, gambling cannot be a good thing. Don't get me wrong--I have won lots of money before--but now, the loss out weighs the gain. Basically, I shouldn't do it.

Today I can be happy because I finally WON--I will never play again.

10:41 PM Oct 11 2011



Gambling can be a habit, if you want in the first hand , it'll bait you and never let you go, till you lose everything.

03:59 AM Sep 09 2011



Gambling isn't a good thing. And neither betting, I think.

The loss outweighs the gain almost always...I know people that started playing just for fun, and now they have ruined their lives and their families!