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United States

April 23, 2012

Sometimes, tragedy strikes without warning. I will spare everyone the details, as this happened as random as it could be, but suffice it to say, I lost someone close to me recently.

But what I will tell you is what a person learns from a tragedy. I learned that something can be so devistating that it actually changes your brain and leaves you chemically imbalanced. I thought I was OK. I actually was not.

All of us grieve differently and at our own pace. I have spoken to people involved in our incident, and it truly is amazing to see the vast differences in how people deal with things. While one person takes it so hard that they just can't handle simple tasks, another brushes it off like it never happened.  

There is nothing we can do that can prevent a tragedy. It can be "an act of God" or even something that a person does that is beyond our control. While nothing can undo the tragedy, find help. Talk to someone. Grieve however you must. But what everyone should do is to try to move on. There is nothing we can do when we dwell on the past. All we can do is treasure it.

Love to you all!

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View all entries from Dale's World >

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It's great !