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April 13, 2009

Today we did a lesson on good and bad teachers, which has really got me thinking, "what makes a good teacher?" everyone seems to have different opinions on this. I have professors at my university that I love, meanwhile I have friends who hate them, and vice versa.

I like to use "Rate My Professor" on Myspace before I  sign up for classes so I can see what other students say about the professor. It has different categories to grade the professor, such as grading, lectures, fairness, etc. It's always nice to have an easy professor, but even if they grade tough I'm OK with it as long as they seem passionate about the subject matter. You can tell when a teacher is emotionally invested in their work.

What qualities do you guys look for in a teacher?

06:19 AM Oct 20 2009



iam Turkish. I think Turkish is so harder than japan and chinese. if u wanna learn, i can do it for u =)

09:08 PM Aug 31 2009


 Yeah Devan I think with u on points that there're many categories to grade the professor but I'd also write bad grades. When I was at the university I didn't love professors that played favourites! Such teachers appreciates student by their countenance and by their close feelings to them. They're just like judge the book by it's cover. I think professors should  judge students by their brain even if he's personally hatred by one of them. 

March 13, 2009

I'm so relieved I get to have hair on the show again! Every time I show up to work at English, baby!, I never know what to expect. I seem to be the favorite character to pick on. First it was, "Devan, you have a drug addiction !" then, "Devan, you love Mason but he doesn't like you ," and finally, "Devan, you have cancer." Why can't anything ever go right for Devan on the show? It was starting to bum me out! But finally, my character is cured , and I am relieved! Maybe this will be the start of a streak of good luck for Devan. Maybe Jason will propose, I'll win the lottery, I'll get to meet my hero Barack Obama (English, baby! cameo?), and I will get my dream job (become a rock star) and can quit my day job waiting tables!

What do you think? Is this a new era of good things for Devan on English, baby!? Or will I continue to be plagued by back luck? Will I get fired? Will a crocodile eat my arm off? I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.


05:46 PM Oct 16 2009



Beautiful girls like you always have a happy ending in Hollywood movies. By the way, are all the commercial movies in the states shot by HollyWood?

08:36 AM Apr 11 2009

United States



All, will be good, at end. Babe.

I love you voice and style of conversation. lol

07:26 AM Mar 20 2009

United States

I hope things get better for Devi, she's been through so much.

12:53 PM Mar 15 2009


Saudi Arabia

May be....