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July 9, 2012

My boyfriend and I have been thinking about moving to Los Angeles, so we decided to take a vacation and visit the southern California city. We had a great time! We went to Venice Beach, where we got ice cream and did some sightseeing. We visited my friend who lives in San Diego, just south of LA, and ate delicious Mexican food and drank margaritas. We checked out tourist hot spots like the walk of fame on Hollywood Boulevard, where stars are embedded in a sidewalk bearing the names of famous people from the entertainment industry such as Jennifer Aniston and Miles Davis. 

We visited several different areas of Los Angeles to figure out where we would want to live if we moved there. After driving around downtown, Culver City, Koreatown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Silverlake, and more, we ultimately decided that West Hollywood is the place for us. My favorite thing about it is a gigantic farmer's market that sells local produce, fresh meats, and imported goods from around the world. I would love to do my grocery shopping there!

Clearly there are many great things about LA, but there is one major downside--TRAFFIC! Have you ever been to LA? What is your impression of it?

03:38 PM May 23 2014



wow.. I´ve seen LA just at Google earth.. But someday I´d like to go there and know about it.. to my mind, LA is a great cosmopolitan city. I like a Lake inside LA, That if you get up in the Hollywood Letters it looks really wonderful..


Regards from Mexico..     God bless You..!!

04:08 PM May 11 2013


Syrian Arab Republic

no i havnt been there. god bless u and ur boyfriend

11:29 PM Apr 10 2013


First of all, you look cool in the picture. You look like Janis Joplin. Don't get me wrong. It's a compliment. 

It's really good that you had a trip to the areas where you'd potentially live in the future. That's a smart idea.

I've never been to LA but San Francisco. For some reason, I liked the small city where I went to college in Illinois much better than SF. I know the weather is nicer in California but I just didn't like the fact that I had to make new friends in a totally different city again. 

Make a good decision on where you're going to live!

01:38 AM Dec 26 2012

abo siaf

hi possible  may we friends


10:17 PM Oct 27 2012

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

wow, that is so good

hava nica days with yoyr boy frind :-) 

02:15 AM Oct 01 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it,s good

10:50 PM Aug 29 2012

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thanks a lotSmile

December 5, 2011

Look at my proud dad. I did it! After four years of nonstop homework, essays, exams, group projects and lectures, I finally graduated from college. It was an incredibly trying but ultimately rewarding experience. I learned so much and made many amazing friends. As I left my last class last week with my favorite professor I've ever had, I have to say, I got a little emotional. I had taken 4 classes with this professor, and I suddenly realized that I would never be in a class with him or any of my other valued professors ever again. But I'm pretty excited to have a much needed vacation from all the work, work, work school entails!

My family and friends keep asking if I am going to go to grad school. Getting my undergraduate was so exhausting that I can't even begin to think about more college right now!

Are you in college or do you have a degree? What do you miss most about school?

03:09 AM May 20 2012


you rae succesful


12:48 AM May 01 2012

Viet Nam


12:38 AM Apr 10 2012

brave dentist

well, your photo with your dad recall me an amazing memories when i graduated from my faculty,,, feeling i well never come back to the class. actually, sometime i miss those days i seem forget about the hard working or devastating a lot of times reading,doing homework but i wanna ever go back  

04:05 AM Mar 02 2012



I understand that Devan, me? I still have 3 more years to go, congrats Devan, finally you did it, just take a little more vacations and after that you can think your next step :) , Kambate! I'm your fan in Ebaby shop opera lol

September 20, 2011

I'm getting ready to go back to school next week. I have one term left, and then I graduate! Since I've already completed all my required classes, I can take electives for my final credits. All this freedom with my school schedule is making it hard for me to decide what classes to take. If I list some class options below, will you guys help me decide what to take by telling which courses sound the most interesting? I would love to get your feedback!

Here are some possible classes:


French Films


History of Rock n' Roll

American History


Introduction to acting



Do any of those classes sound like something you would want to take? Why?

05:56 AM May 24 2012

The Last Joke

Just for you : Devan & Jason :

May you have many years of happiness !!!!

05:55 AM May 24 2012

The Last Joke


01:55 AM Nov 27 2011

Laura Gl
Saudi Arabia

My "two cents" is that "sociology" is the best thing you can ever do, and it sounds cool!

07:19 AM Nov 07 2011


Oh! it is a difficult task, choosing between such interesting matters. If i were you i'd choose introduction to acting, because it is more exciting ^^ I hope it helps you.

07:21 AM Oct 27 2011


i like history too.

11:16 PM Oct 20 2011


I'd definitely recommned taking the Rock and Roll history class!^^ Learnig about from the blues and 70 and 80's rock and roll sounds so interesting. Maybe you would just write a paper after listening to some cool rock songs. Isn't cool?lol I guess you already chose and are taking one of the classes now. Good luck with your final semester!

12:47 PM Oct 14 2011



Devan, i would suggest to take "introducing to acting" , seeing you  on english,baby i guess that  you could very well  get  good grades . 

10:52 PM Oct 13 2011



American history. 

Because we can always learn a lot from our history!