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Josh K

Josh K


January 20, 2008


If u want to learn more english, watch and listen videos is good help for ur learning. I find a site where there videos for learn English, maybe, are u interested see it, may help for u too, if  ur goal for this new year is learn English, this video can help u. I going to give u the address where u can watch it, and download, always is good seek way for learn, listening is good method. This videos u can watch, listen in Youtube, where there are several videos, see easy, I hope u like, watch, learn.

For watch this videos in Youtube,  Go to:


For watch most videos and download videos,  Go to:


I wish u learn.

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11:21 AM May 13 2009


ı try to find a video related to the sleepwalking,ı can not find:( can you help me??? video should include the description of the sleepwalking:)))

08:01 AM Mar 14 2008


heloooo josh, you are wonderful my dear am so i pressed by you anyway can we become friends

05:19 PM Feb 28 2008

Josh K

Josh K

Im here for help everybody, when need something.

02:01 PM Feb 16 2008

United States

I m agree your backround is really cool!!! I like it:)

I think Guatemela is as beautiful as your backround...

take care yourself mate..

06:03 PM Feb 13 2008

coco chen

coco chen

Thanks for you to introduce us so many methods of learning English .By the way , your backgroud is beautiful .