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Your life is in your hand

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October 16, 2008

One day, a young man came to a fane, who was blue. He said to a abbot,” I want to learn drawing, but I can find a good teacher by now.”


The abbot smiled,” Why have you not found a good teacher for a long time? ”. The young man said,” So many drawers have all their goods in the window, I ever looked at their pictures, some of them even draw worse than me.” The abbot said,” Tough I was not good at drawing, I like to collect some good pictures and calligraphies. As you said, you are also good at drawing, please draw a picture for me. ” And then, a bonze gave him a brush and an ink stone.


The abbot said,” My most favor tastes tea. Especially, I like some beautiful tea set, would you please draw a teacup and a teapot? ”


The young man said,” What an easy thing! ”. And then, he draw a beautiful teacup and a teapot soon and said,” What do you think about it?”


The abbot shook his head,” The picture looks so good! Actually, you make a mistake. The teapot should be under the teacup.” The young man was puzzle,” You are wrong. If you want to infuse tea into teacup, the teacup should be under the teapot! ”

The abbot said,” You don’t understand me. If you place the teacup higher than the teapot, you can not infuse tea into the teapot, namely, if you want to lean to famous drawers, you should be unobtrusive, just like place your cup on a low position. ”

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