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December 9, 2007

For me

Conmunication is becoming more and more difficult

For how long

Haven't  I practiced  my oral English

Although so many chances

Have been given

"It is never too late to learn."

Do I really know the meaning of it

"Shame"is the only expression

"Easier said than done"

Just as the saying goes

Not untill now  

Have  I  recognized the deep sense of it

So much time has been killed

"Come on" is what I have to say

"Passion" plays an important role


"A good state" should come first

December 8, 2007

"A vwinner is person who successfuly gets what he wants."a postgraduate said.

"A winner is a powerful person who has advantage over others and gets respect from others."a middle school student answered.

"Usually a winner is the first one in a competion" a foreign teacher told me.

Different people have different views on the definition of the word "winner ".What's a winner? Let's go out to have a look at the society.

02:15 AM Dec 09 2007

little princess

hello ,thank you for  your comment.I  hope we  can  be friend in  the  future.

I  think  a winner  is a person who can  make herslef and people around her happy ...............

best  wishes

07:40 PM Dec 08 2007



hi,nice to meet you here.i think you are a perfect person from your photo and your words,don't you?hehe.

let's become friends and talking and thinking the life of person.ok?

my msn is luliguo00@sina.com.

best wishes

December 7, 2007

All depends on luck?!

Believe it or not, I have to admit it

What he said is to some degree reasonable and acceptable

To be the truth,I appreciate and admire him a lot

I have to admit he is really a good person

Warm-hearted,honest,sense of responsibility

And he is more mature than his age

I can learn a lot from him

What I should now is to learn ,to pack myself

to do what I should

Not to complain, not to give up .not to kill the time

I know what I should now

And I must do it at once