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December 8, 2007

"A vwinner is person who successfuly gets what he wants."a postgraduate said.

"A winner is a powerful person who has advantage over others and gets respect from others."a middle school student answered.

"Usually a winner is the first one in a competion" a foreign teacher told me.

Different people have different views on the definition of the word "winner ".What's a winner? Let's go out to have a look at the society.

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02:15 AM Dec 09 2007

little princess

hello ,thank you for  your comment.I  hope we  can  be friend in  the  future.

I  think  a winner  is a person who can  make herslef and people around her happy ...............

best  wishes

07:40 PM Dec 08 2007



hi,nice to meet you here.i think you are a perfect person from your photo and your words,don't you?hehe.

let's become friends and talking and thinking the life of person.ok?

my msn is luliguo00@sina.com.

best wishes