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Je m'appelle Cendre

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Bouvet Island

November 1, 2012

Today, I was miserably hurt while peeling an apple with sharp knife. I really wonder why the knife was blunt while peeling the apples, but became fiercely while killing my fingers. The blood did not make a river, but at least it became a stream very soon. It was mainly because my unskillful ability it became a stream. It was mainly because I was careless in cutting an apple with a stupid knife. Without my knowing it, the blade had a tender kiss with my thumb. All at once, the blood welled up. My thumb was hurt and would be left with a long narrow wound. I hastened to look for the plaster band while the blood fell drop by drop on the table and on the ground. The band aid was put around my thumb, yet there was no sign of it being any better. The band was soon wet through, with the blood streaming along the finger to the back of the hand and the palm. It seems the wound must be deep. Napkins won’t help to stop the bleeding. My heart sank. Then I rushed to the washing room to clean the cursed blood. In a minute it turned red again.  It was the end of the world. An awful idea flashed through my mind. Luckily, My roommates came back and saw this mildly funny scene. She scolded me “Just watch what you are doing! What the hell you didn’t shock to death. That’s a mercy!” I will not forget that day my roommate helped me tighten the band aid around my thumb and, with a rubber band, they put three rings on the top of my blood vessel, making sure that it was tight. At last, they succeeded in stopping the blood from bleeding. Thanks to her, my eyes were brimming with tears this afternoon.

Maybe because I am just a freshman here,I feel this website seems quieter,and I am thinking about whether I should continue to my update in this website. Finally, Mr,Learner,Thanks for telling me to find the notification as well as my mails in the Home page. I wish I had your brains, but I'm too stupid.O(∩_∩)O~

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View all entries from Je m'appelle Cendre >

06:34 PM Nov 10 2012


Bouvet Island

Mr. Learne

Yes,you're so right. As you can notice that, people can't carry on their conversation on this website, and this is not the suitable place for posting as you said. Frankly speaking, this website presented me a little trouble at the beginning for I can't find the notification here. So you're cleverer than me. However, it is all my pleasure to meet a nice friend like you. O(∩_∩)O。

12:24 PM Nov 03 2012

Mr. Learner

Oh! I think you and your roommate have a good cooperation. You're helping each other honestly.
Wish you a good friendship forever.

About updating blog or not, I think this is not the suitable place for posting, I don't mean to be negative in thinking, but this is the truth.

And about the notifications, don't mention it please, I didn't do anything, I'll help whenever I can. But I wonder why are you harsh on yourself?! why are you calling yourself stupid?!

Finally, you're using a lot of hard words. maybe if you write in easier English, people will read your posts.

Good luck