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April 20, 2009

Yesterday, I received a phone call from my mother.

    She said, “Dear, from now on, you should consider about finding a boyfriend. Your sister is holding a wedding party now. You are the last one to get marriage”.

    I replied, “I am not in a hurry, mum. I  need more time”.

   “Time waits for no girl,” mother dismissed angrily.

     This short dialogue reminds me of a film I saw last week. It’s about DINKS---Double Incomes No Kids. A young couple, belonging to DINKS, live a happy life without kids. But things begin to change.

     One day, the couple’s parents, rather disappointed by children’s belief, leave for a travel with mobilephone turned off. But as soos as they leave, the former housekeeper take her newly-born baby to the hourse and begin committing the theft. At that time, the yong couple go home to take the dog away. The thief leaves in a hurry and has the baby left behind. The couple are surprised to see a baby lying on the bed.

   So the young couple begin to take care of the baby. They buy a lot of things for the baby. They spend a lot of time on the baby-sitting. They don’t have enough time to sleep. The cry of the baby always strike their ears. At last, they are psychologically and physically tortured. Their DINK friends deeply sympathize with the young couple, whose encounter strongly defends their DINKS belief.

     However, things change as the baby says, “Mummy, Daddy”. The couple’s belief sways somewhat. Their life is becoming “child-oriented”. They enjoy the experience of being parents.

     The story ends with the couple’s plan to have a baby. And the other DINKS don't hate baby anymore.

     In fact, what I want to say is that I am not resisting marrige—it is the responsibility that I need to consider.  Do I have the ability to shoulder the responsibility now?

     Haha, definitely, not. "I need more time, mum".

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