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Irene Forever

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| 11:51 AM Feb 25 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

if he was free ,The girl was playing with bear ;)

| 07:52 AM Feb 16 2013

Irene Forever


I know, Lena. I remember it. Thanks.

| 04:32 AM Feb 08 2013


Russian Federation

you are right Irene.
I also don’t like zoo and circuces.
but the picture is nice.

| 12:27 PM Feb 04 2013

Irene Forever


Knuwshu, thank you for commenting here. I liked the girl’s answer. When I look at the picture, I feel they understand each other.
Actually I don’t like all kinds of zoos.I feel bad when I see poor animals which are doomed to be prisoners till death. People are much more cruel than animals.

| 12:16 PM Feb 04 2013



And the little girl answers “It’s nice to be free, dear polar bear. Nobody catch my food, nobody destroys my home …. like in your homeland”
Nice picture, Irene.

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