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I want to make friends all around the world

Lemon Zhu


Hello everybody,

My name is Lemon and I 'm a new member.I want to make some friends all around the world through this wonderful website .I believe that I could improve my english and know knowledges of another country.Anyone who want to be my friend could contract me .My MSN is :

I am waiting for your good news anytimeLaughing

08:23 AM Jan 03 2008 |

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i  must write the essay -the relationship of marriage and characters in Pride and
Prejudice   could you help me

08:27 AM Jan 03 2008 |



i don't know english

who can help me?

08:28 AM Jan 03 2008 |

Lemon Zhu


Hi evey,

Nice to meet you .

I am sorry I can't help you about your question.Maybe one people could help you ,his name is philguad.He is also menber here.you could look for him .He is kindly to answer people's question.Wink

03:17 AM Jan 04 2008 |



   Hello,my name is jenny ,i am a English teacher now and i want to improve my English to teach pupils well.

03:21 AM Jan 04 2008 |



hi, everyone.

Let's have a chat

03:37 AM Jan 04 2008 |

Lemon Zhu


Hi jinglei,

What a good job!  Let us improve our english and enjoy our life here!


03:46 AM Jan 04 2008 |


Viet Nam

I'm Thanh An.I'm 25 year old and a engineer. I'm living in Viet Nam. At present, I'm working at a construction company. I'm very glad when get acquainted whit you. I hope we will help each other to improve English. Do you agree wiht me. Happy new year!


03:58 AM Jan 04 2008 |


Viet Nam

Hi Wu. May you talk with me an instant

04:03 AM Jan 04 2008 |


Viet Nam

hi . how are you Wu

04:05 AM Jan 04 2008 |

Lemon Zhu


Hi thanhan 1983,

What an interesting name .haha.Let talk in english and enjoy our life!Laughing

07:48 AM Jan 04 2008 |