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Hi Everybody, I'm looking for someone with whom I can talk and practice my English. I want to improve my speaking English. My English is intermediate. If you want to talk with me, feel free to contact me at www.lets-talk-in-english.com  or My Skype ID is (letstalkinenglish1). See you.Smile<!-Session data-><!-Session data-><!-Session data->

01:28 PM Feb 09 2008 |

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well,actually,I hold the same idea !Looking forward to contacting with you!

02:47 PM Feb 09 2008 |



Let’s make our idea real

03:25 PM Feb 11 2008 |



hey , i wanna join u too ; mu skype id is : ahmedbleach

10:31 PM Feb 11 2008 |


Viet Nam

Hey, me me too. My Y!D id .

01:48 AM Feb 13 2008 |


Viet Nam


01:49 AM Feb 13 2008 |


Viet Nam


01:49 AM Feb 13 2008 |



I am Zhang. As a Chinese, English has opened a window of new world especially after internet is popular. Because our Chinese media are censored and filtered. English can penetrate Great Firewall of China naturally. I want to speak perfect English. But I have no chance to practise oral English. So I  think we can learn English through talking in voice chat Skype.
 Require: 1) junior oral English learner to study speaking english together. not complain we cannot follow each other because of his bad English. 2) No Chinese, so We have to communicate through English only.

My Skype username: NOTHINGKNO

If you are insterested in it, We can arrange the time when we get on line in Skype first.

06:24 AM Feb 13 2008 |



welcome to talk with me in english, my msn: , thanks!

06:55 AM Feb 13 2008 |



hey every body i wanna to talk english fluently.any one who wanna to talk with me well come
my yahoo id is zerishlove

08:27 AM Feb 13 2008 |

green house

Viet Nam

nice to meet you! My name Hien. I come from Vietnam. I am glad to make friend with you

02:43 PM Feb 13 2008 |