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The difficulties in English.



Saudi Arabia

what are the most difficulties that you have found in learning English?

is it the pronounciation,grammar,writing essays & letters in English, or spelling?

let's share our problems & the solutions for these problems.

04:49 PM Mar 03 2007 |

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amzing cat

Saudi Arabia

pronounciation and writing essays

10:09 PM Mar 03 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

hi amzing cat,

what helps u in improving ur pronounciation is to watch & listen to the American

& British movies and also to listen carefully to English cassetts, & then try

to pronounce the words as the characters in the movies & in the cassetts did.

try hard everyday & you'll get better.

as for writing essays then u have to read alot, especially reading the things that

intrest u, such as (magazines, books, about Art, fashion…..etc) but u have to read them in English. There is a book that will help u in writing essays, & it helped

me. It is a very useful book, it is:

( Robins, the writer's Practical Rhetoric).

I hope that i've helped you.

10:55 AM Mar 04 2007 |




Grammar is rather difficult for me. When we chat or talk to English native speakers, we don't care grammar that much. The only way to access grammar is reading text books but it's boring. Do you have any other methods to learn grammar, MeMe?

05:12 AM Mar 05 2007 |



the best way to learn grammar is flash cards. stick them everywhere in the fridge,near your bed.

05:20 AM Mar 05 2007 |




-_=  I don't about grammar either

03:21 PM Mar 05 2007 |



i want to speak fluvent english. i hav some probules

03:28 PM Mar 05 2007 |




hi,meme.i think reading is difficult for me ,can you tell me some reading skills?i'm poor of  words,canyou help me 

06:13 AM Mar 06 2007 |



For me it´s the grammar. Pronunciation it´s not much difficult ´cos it´s similar to Portuguese. But the gramar….

06:21 PM Mar 09 2007 |



Grammar isn't difficult. You can speak in your language without knowing every grammar rule. For example: when you come home late because the bus stopped somewhere or because you were in a meeting you probably don't know that this is a "Oração subordinada Adverbial Causal", do you? So, all you need is to pay attention for the use of and the structure itself for you to bring those ideas into your life.

If somebody need any help! Nandarose Wink

08:14 PM Mar 09 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

I think the diffculties are in pronounciation and grammer

08:45 PM Mar 09 2007 |