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which language do you want to learn? tell us the reason

free yang

free yang




the language which the greatest number of people speak is Chinese. 

the language which people use widely is English.

which language do you want to learn,besides English and Chinese?

tell us the reason

05:21 PM Feb 20 2009 |

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I'd like to know French. It sounds beautiful. Besides many people use it and it's second language of the EU.

08:22 PM Feb 20 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

after  i speak english very very well ,,, i would like to learn freach >>> it;s sounds  nice  Cool

02:03 AM Feb 21 2009 |



English of course. I am in Canada. English is official language here. I need good english to involve in society. Right now I found bad english is an obstacle for me to find better job. I am not a openning person without strong self-confidence. When I speak with others and they say pardon, I start to feel nervous. I think probably they don't understand my bad english. Or maybe I pronounce words wrong. Anyway, the most important thing for me is to speak english very well. After I can speak english well, I am going to learn french.

03:11 AM Feb 21 2009 |



I like chinese, and well know it , so i would like to learn english, since i must learn english for my job.

09:54 AM Feb 21 2009 |




I want to learn english,because I need this skill to look for a good job

11:34 AM Feb 21 2009 |




i wanna learn thai language too tham germany:))im speaking english just now

07:33 PM Feb 21 2009 |




i would like to speak spanish because in my childhood i were watching spanish serial (with transilation)and i felt in love with this language and it become one of my many dreams to be able to speak spanish but now i decided that affter school i will make that dream come true .

04:24 AM Feb 23 2009 |



First, I wanna speak better english, because I like this language, 

then I wanna learn more in French, because I have a friend from French and write letters with her and so I must learn this more =)

And last year I have begun to learn spanish cuz I like it, when someone speak this language.

Good luck, I'm german I mustn't learn this language any more xD 

And when I'm older, I wanna speak chinese and swedish, becaus my best friend come from there.

10:26 AM Feb 23 2009 |




I'd like to study Polish.When I was small my family and I lived in Poland-so the dreams from my childhood always come to me.once I want to realise them!

01:15 AM Feb 27 2009 |




i'm learning english first , including  many type english  ,like Mid-east english , australia english and southeast asia   etc.

english is the unversal language , so we must learning it cos the world is getting smaller and smaller.

global village is a small world .. isn' it ?

03:51 AM Feb 27 2009 |