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Do you think money can make you happy?



Sri Lanka

Well, all of us want to be happy, happiness feels good, improves our health, and lowers our blood pressure and heart rates. If we can be happy will not only enjoy our life but also live longer.

Well, what I think is money can't make you happy, it’s all about us and our way of thinking. We all should learn to be happy and thankful for what we have in our life. If we concentrate on what we don’t have in our life, we will never, ever have enough in our life.

So feel free to share your opinion

I wish you good luck with your happiness.

Thank you for your time   


10:36 AM Apr 20 2009 |

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Money can't make happy. It is just help the meet of wants. Happy is the real meaning…...?



04:05 PM Apr 20 2009 |



yes, I agree money can't buy happiness. It's solely depends upon our preceptive and attitude towads life.

Instead I say "MONEY IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL EVIL" that happen all arounds us.

So don't make Make money your GOD!

08:19 PM Apr 20 2009 |




I don't know if money could really make people happy, but I know I won't be happy if I don't have enough money to buy foods and clothes. :)

03:14 AM Apr 21 2009 |




If we have enough money ,we may be happy.but, if we have no money,we can't be happy.Money is very important,not the most important.

04:28 AM Apr 21 2009 |




sometimes..hehe.. if the money is my goal..and I make great efford to achieve it.. then I get it..that will be a happy things I get.. the secret of happiness is in our mind. which like how we determain the happiness..

07:03 AM Apr 21 2009 |




They say pure people find happiness in money and reach people find happiness in love. In this context ‘pure’ and ‘reach’ relate not only to money but also to inner world

07:13 AM Apr 21 2009 |

coco lee

coco lee


yes, i think enough money can make me happy.but money is not the all,love /healthy /friends is make me happy also.what is everybody work for? the answer is money,so money is so importent ,nobody can leave it

11:13 AM Apr 21 2009 |

Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

I think mony is not very important in our life happiness is more important.There are alot of people who are rich but they didnt feel happy in thier lives. Also there are poor people, but they live in happy life. by the way, in my opinion happy is better than mony.

03:45 PM Apr 21 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi guys ;p there is a great discution here

I think nobody can deny the important role of money in lives, so the point is what`s ur definition of happiness in life? if u see happiness through money then u will get it by earning more money but maybe others don`t know it as real happiness!

so I believe that ur level of happiness in life dependes ur thoughts & beliefs.

As ilyasma said ,if u concentrate just on what u don`t have in ur life then surely u will lose what u have had! so I think if u know that how to spend ur moments in ur life then u will get money, happiness,...

Try to enjoy each & every seconds of ur lives _

Be happy :D

08:40 PM Apr 21 2009 |



Sri Lanka

Good Day Friends!

It’s great to read from all of you and I would like to thank every one of you for sharing your opinions.  Well, researchers did a survey and asked people what would improve the quality of their lives? The majority of people said that “More Money” if so, why rich people are not happy?  Because of material things fail to make people happy.  We work hard so we make more money, get more expensive cars, and live in bigger homes, but when we have everything that we ever wants we start to feel that is not enough. The more we have, the more we want.

Those who equate more money with greater happiness are proven to be wrong, the important for our happiness are the non material things, such as satisfaction of relationships, good health, working where one feels valued, feeling loved, and happy family life.  Unfortunately, most of us spend whole of our lives in trying to make more money, which doesn’t brings us real happiness.

So what do we really want in order to be happy is that simplifying our life, be grateful for what we have, think about your job, your house, your car, your friends, your love, and your family, it will definitely make you feel happy.

I wish you every happiness in your life and thank you very much once again for your time and sharing your thoughts. 

 Have a nice day

JIlyas J


05:33 AM Apr 22 2009 |