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Life Talk!

your goal in life!!




be in love? have abeautiful wife and lovely kides? be rich? travel all over the world? have a good job?? be the president of ur country?? Laughingwhy not? why you live, what is ur goal? what do u want in this life??

a lot of questions, but just a suggestion!! think and lets share our thoughts!

12:00 AM Feb 22 2008 |

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Goal? I have differentgoal in different environment.

If I am living in city, I need lots of money.

If I am living in village, I need a the ax only.

09:22 AM Feb 22 2008 |



i had a simple dream when i was a kid,but now,i feel it is  far from me more and more,i only waana get marrid with a nice girl,wanna have a sense of love.the job also is not my cup of tea,i feel all becoming a pipedream.

03:32 AM Feb 23 2008 |



my goal is speak english good

03:56 PM Feb 23 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

many things inside the person mind that he or she wants to achieve

I want many things but will I be able to achieve them all ??!! that is the question

one of my dreams is to be a writer infuture an English writer for poems

06:25 PM Feb 23 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Well..i wanna get good job!!

and be a good mother..:)

06:40 PM Feb 23 2008 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied


i want to be a happy guy for ever and to be friend with all people in the world and to be palestine free and peacefull and i wish to be english teacher

09:02 AM Feb 24 2008 |




get straight A'a in my SPM!! hope success will always be wif me..god willing..hope can meet my sweet korea boy band SUJU!!

01:32 PM Feb 24 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i wish u cn live someday free in Palestine wid peace.i wish i cn do sth even little 2 help peace in world.i always admire Mother Treza n i think she knew wt she wanted in her life.

07:25 AM Feb 28 2008 |


Viet Nam

I want to have a happy live with one good wife and two lovely children. The same as everybody, I also wanted to have everything but it's a wrong idea and it's very difficult to get all because the life is very rough. So now,to me, I just want to have enough conditions to take care of my future family. That's enough. 

07:42 AM Feb 28 2008 |



Hi… Yes ofcourse your dream is very nice thing…. But  Only money can not help you to get happy…Pls think better…

All the best for your future… 


07:16 AM Feb 29 2008 |