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what's your image about china or chinese?




        how many things do u all get to know a country?—-this country has one party,many people,old,....this is china.          i'd like to hear all kinds of imfos from u, especially not all the laudatory words,but the word from your heart,plz tell me the truth.

04:04 PM May 13 2008 |

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United States

我没去过中国 。 学汉语很有趣。中国文化很有趣。中国历史很有趣。

06:48 PM May 13 2008 |




My deepest sympathy to all families who's members, sons and daughters were killed or injured by the earthquake yesterday. I watched the news and cant help my tears falling by the sadness i felt for them and all of china and the whole world. Truly this is again a very sad happening. i hope they will be able to rescue everyone buried under those bricks of buildings.

My thoughts and prayers are with you always, my friends. God bless all of us.

07:21 PM May 13 2008 |



to me, chinese people are modest,plain and hardworking.

also,I share your sad about earthquake.

09:34 PM May 13 2008 |




bellavi,i have to agree part of your words.but never ever get disappointed about our future, eachone has to do his best for the life responsibility.

02:26 PM May 15 2008 |




aljensen,很高兴看到你写中国字,看起来很亲切。u type chinese character,it's very interesting.but i also see some people criticizing chinese in this forum…"chinese are conservetive"..."chinese is very boring,not interesting, not willing to try new things"...."when u say something,chinese girl always agree with u and never disagree"..... well, why chinese girls always agree with others?it's not only because they don't want to say something true to hurt others,but also a kind of habbit which be trained when they are young that donnot criticize people in the presence of them. to some westerners, they thought this is unbelieveable for one person can't express his own will, well, i do hate not to express oneself even be teased. i know some girls they are very individualised,and when u ask them to do something out of their will or offending them,they will give a very direct no or make u give up your mind. For further want to know chinese or asia people, you’ll have to get to china and get afew friends for a few years ,then u will know how them is and what the country is.

03:07 PM May 15 2008 |



My image of the chinese people is that they are an excellent workers, they follow and respect a lot their traditions and religion that practice, they like order in every aspect of their life and maybe a little repressed.

In Mexico, China is considered like a monster in business (I mean like a powerful economy).

03:16 PM May 15 2008 |



I look china as my second homeland. I love all chinese. LOVE to China. My favourite country

06:53 PM May 15 2008 |

fanni szabo


I'm also feel sorry about the victims of the earthquake. But unfortunately I don't know much about China. It seems to be so a far and a closed community. For example the chinese government usually provides news about everithing a few days after the real event. It's hard, because we all hoped that China will get closer to the whole world after the Olimpic games, but China did things to Tibet that most of the people didn't like.

I'm a bit young to understand these, but I hope one day chinese people will also be able to make a decision between more that one party and that elections will also be held there…

07:54 PM May 19 2008 |




   fanni szabo, what u say is true.it's becoming a habbit for china before making any decision just need a long time to think, the things here is very complex….may be a few partys fit other countries well, but here,there are some historical problems left…....though many have to think this is a closed country, but it's true there are many open-minded people they are willing to change chinese image in front of other countries people…....

   my friends and i always talk about why some westerners dispise us though us—students did nothing wrong in the world,but it's like when people like your country then they will like their people…...hum,but there are always some exception, just believe, use your brains to think about everything not the media instruct u to do…..

01:51 PM May 20 2008 |