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Do you believe in love at first sight?




Well, I do

What about you guys?

10:00 PM Jan 13 2007 |

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United States

When you first meet someone there is much more than what you see. There is body lanuguage. The eyes have language that is all there own. There are things that we can sense, but not see or measure. It takes time to know if it is love, regardless of whether it is romantic love or simply the love of a friend, but love at first sight is definitely possible. Just because one says "sight" it does not mean that it is all that is sensed.

07:38 AM Jul 09 2008 |



i don`t believe it.i know nothing about her for the first sight,so i think it`s weakness.

08:01 AM Jul 09 2008 |




hhhh , nice answer bonz , i don't beleive it too , i think in the fiest sight it's just interest in the ship and look of the other , coz love is a to like every thing in the other , his/her look , thoughts , personnalty …

12:34 PM Jul 09 2008 |


United States

Fun-Lover, perhaps you did not understand Bonz correctly… there is a saying in English that "Love is blind" :)

 慕铖, Just because you do not know of, or do not understand something, it does not make belief in it a weakness. Some things are neither weak nor strong. 


02:53 PM Jul 09 2008 |

A green leaf


Maybe two people will begin their love between each other。But I think how long their love will last depends on the reality。Do you think so?Maybe my viewpoint is quite unreasonable  because though now I’m 30 years old,I haven‘t  met my lover。

05:29 AM Jul 10 2008 |



Yup i belive it~!!!

03:55 PM Dec 13 2008 |



yeah, but before 100 years bcoz now the love it's mean money …........ bad life

05:45 PM Dec 13 2008 |

just in time


Yes i do. 

09:10 PM Dec 13 2008 |



 I believe in love at  firste sight ,

10:25 PM Dec 13 2008 |



Nope)I dont believe in love at first sight))I think that u can only appreciate the way that person looks like,but love is not the thing that comes at first sight)

06:16 PM Nov 14 2009 |