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Life Talk!

do you believe in god



Syrian Arab Republic

do you think that god is exist?.......why do u think that?

be open mind  and let us share our thoughts about this complex subject.

09:22 AM Sep 10 2008 |

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yes God is omnipresent, ruling over whole universe.



06:56 PM Sep 10 2008 |



t seems like this topic begins anew every couple of months. Why do you think?


My answer: I believe in one less god than most people reading this. 

07:41 PM Sep 10 2008 |




yes I do!Wink

09:31 PM Sep 10 2008 |




Yes I believe in Allah and No one can deny that because he is the reason of our existence ,I think if you don't believe in Allah you are lost , for me when I feel nobody beside me , I never get sad because I know that Allah with me wherever I go whenever I feel sad ,it is cool feeling to realize that someone beside you and with you every time, never ever  forgets you ,he is Allah ,who creates me and will not forgets me ever ,it's nice thing to know that your existence is not in vain ,and you have purpose in this life which is worshiping him only.

This is my opinion and sorry if I hurt anyone

10:16 PM Sep 10 2008 |




i believe in myself!

05:42 AM Sep 11 2008 |




I believe in myself too ,but sometimes we have very hard situations and in this time we only ask to god in order hi help to us.Wink

01:01 PM Sep 11 2008 |




i think this topic repeated with the same subject..

01:08 PM Sep 11 2008 |



i dont know how people think..at least every person should think who created him and for what..every 1 should look at the sky and earth and all the creatures and ask him\her self who created them….impossible there is ordinary man do that and impssible they created themselves by themselves

of course i believe in allah and im surprisinr from the person who asks this question,he is from arab country and ask this question

i wish allah show every person the right path

01:28 PM Sep 11 2008 |



Western Sahara

 In fact, If I'm gonna talk about this topic, I need to write a big Article and may be it won't be enough.


As Einstein Said:  "science without religion is lame" 

Excuse me!!
Would you stop for a moment?!
O…Human…Haven't you thought-one day- about yourself?
Who has made it?
Have you seen a design which hasn't a designer?!
Have you seen a wonderful, delicate work without a worker?!
It's you and the whole universe!
Who has made them all?!! 

Just think for a moment.
How are you going to be after Death ?!
Can you believe that this exact system of the universe and all of these great creation will end in nothing…just after Death!
Have you thought, for a second, How you're gonna meet God in the day of jugdment after DEATH ?!

Read … and think deeply before you answer..

Don't be emotional.
Be rational and judge..
Just look… listen… compare… and then think and say your word.

God granted you and me wisdom, brain, and heart to judge for ourselves.

            *       *       *

Plz, anyone who is interesting seriousely in this topic, visit this page in my website:


07:38 PM Sep 11 2008 |



Western Sahara

I'm agree with you Hormosapi, "religion without science is blind" as well. that's a true fact.

I'm as a Muslim, we have an expression which says : God can't be worshipped by ignorance. this expression goes hand in hand with the expression "religion without science is blind". with science we could collapsed the theory of evolution that denies the fact of creation. the theory which was put by Darwin in the dark ages of ingnorance in the 19th century. that theory wasn't adopted by the materialists for its scientific content rather than its ideological goals.

who want to know more about this subject, I advise you to read the book or to watch the video " the collapse of the theory of evolution" By the Scholar and the intellectual Harun Yahya.

Concerning, the belief in God, No one has the right to force another one to believe in something. Every Human is responsible for his/her actions. Nnly God the Almighty Who will judge every individual for his/her deeds.

May God's Blessings guide me and you all to the way of Paradice. Ameen.

05:29 PM Sep 14 2008 |