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InnocentHi everybody,I want to talk about islam,but before, I want to let you know that my english is not very good,that  why,I want everyone try to understan my message.Okay,let's talk about islam:islam is the peace for everybody but unfortunatly most of people don't know what is islam,but just they hate this important religion for everybody.Why they don't try know the islam,please don't confuse islam and muslim,beacause there is a big different between them,islam:is the religion of peace,science,life and so on,but muslim:is the person who practise islam,he can be bad or good .Thak you for your understanding.



04:25 PM Mar 02 2007 |

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you are right,but some of them,don't know exactly what is mean islam but they are muslim and other they know what is mean,but they don't respect the rules of ilslam.

thank for your message.

12:55 PM Mar 03 2007 |



Saudi Arabia



01:29 PM Mar 04 2007 |




I agree with you Chokour, however to support your opinion then would you please tell us the stories from hadits that encourages moslem to practice a peacefull way of life.

12:18 AM Mar 05 2007 |




thank you for your explanation!

i knew the people who believe in islam  are not eat the pork.am i right?

sorry ,my english is very poor!

02:50 PM Mar 05 2007 |




hi, u r right  u  rasied  a very good explation , but please be ready to understand logically and depend on God ,god willingly will help u .


09:09 AM Mar 06 2007 |





First of all,thanks for your mere explanation.

Islam teaches us the outstanding rules of how to live in peace of mind.I'm quite proud of being muslim

"Salati hiya hayati"

04:24 PM Mar 06 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

u r absolutely right…Islam is a great religion,it teaches us as Muslimes forgiveness, to forgive each other- it says if u & ur friend had a quarrel then u must make up, Islam says that the 2 must not stop talking to each other for more than 3 days..u see how this religion is great…also Islam forbids racism…there is no person that is better than the other.Really this religion"ISLAM" is great…but unfortunately some muslims who do not really now this religion & its rules, are defacing it.

Finally, i just want to say for those who do not understand the meaning of Islam, that it is a religion that calls for PEACE, FORGIVENESS,& TO LOVE EACH OTHER.

06:29 AM Mar 16 2007 |

the happiest girl

United Arab Emirates


Thank u very much … " Jzak Allah khair" Islam teach us many good manners ..we must help poor eventhough he is Muslim or not , respect others religion , dont eat or drink what harm ourselves , be generous ,hounest ,love and respect each other , all of people are same no one better than one , we learnt to obey our parents and respect who are older , to be homely with nigbours ….

 More over , modest , preference other more than ourselves, edurance …...and many nice and great manners

09:09 AM Mar 16 2007 |




My message to share with you that we shouldn’t always feel sorry that a person or a young person passed away and that he/she missed life, making family, or any other Duniya activities, etc. but we should think how we contributed to make that person be ready to be in Qabar and be ready for judgment day by advising each other while in Duniya before it is too late either by word or action and guiding to all possible ways to make us all gain more good deeds (hasanat) and loss sins (sai’at) to be winners- Inshallah all of us in Jana – Ameen,,,

Just imagine to be in his/her shoe- how would you face it (Qabar and judgment day) be ready, be prepared, when the day comes nothing can stop death and no one will stand beside anyone in Qabar and judgment day- doesn’t matter in Duniya if a person having lot of money, children, position, authority, beauty, royal tribe, palace, gardens, etc. all will not help – as everyone by him/herself and only the good deeds will be there to support as well the Rasol Mohammad sala Allah alyeh wasalm as who remember him in Duniya by following his suna as well he will remember him in Akhira- Inshalla we will get his Shafa3a- Ameen,,,

So my advise to you and to all Muslim ladies that (as in the below points) as they are the same things which I am telling to my sisters, Aunties, cousins (girls)- believe me it is a burden on my chest and painful to see resistance as facts are clear but people ignoring them as mission to make them be good Muslims and be better than they can be:

1-      As a Muslim women the dress should not show the body cuts.

2-      Perfume on body/cloth shouldn’t be strong and noticeable by men.

3-      On the face- lot of make-up with colors shouldn’t be there.

4-      Eye brows shouldn’t be removed- women who do that are cursed

5-      5 prayers should be on time – no delay till later time

6-      At least reading some Quran per day

7-      Trying to take an extra mile- extra suna prayers a day, fasting a number of days a month

8-      Saying no to music (quran of shaytan) – listening to useful things and say Adhkar, Istighfar, Salawat Lil Nabi which will increase Eman and help in Qabar and on judgment day

9-      Having a regular amount of money a month for Sadaqat

10-     Finding poor families and provide them cash, gifts, on Eid/Ramadhan

11-     Encouraging family gatherings to read Quran and give advise lectures or leaflets, etc.

12-     Be responsible by advising other ladies on all the above as it is Jihad without a sword to make people be good Muslims

Note: these points will not only benefit a Muslim in Akhira, but as well in Duniya to be blessed, be protected from evil acts, make a person patient and have good judgment in life challenges, gain respect of people and all doors will be open.

That’s all for now- hopefully message was clear and I feel much better now as I delivered the message J

This was one of email I get may be can help

10:18 AM Mar 17 2007 |




hi bro

as you know islam is a nice religion becouse islam has ordered everything  what he is and tells what is good and what is bad if you know islam religion.

if you want to know about islamic religion please you have to learn quran becouse quran explain you what ever you want for th life ,peace,love,human rights and so on.

i wish you will learn islam and convey your friends

thanks for your reading and understanding plz be attention

11:35 AM Mar 17 2007 |