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Does the real love exist? Feel confused…



Hey ebabies, Do u think the real love is existed?

Well I did before, but now I feel confused…what’s the meaning of real love? 

We are so great together (he said so), but have to be apart in different countries for some reasons. I feel his unsure somehow while I’m planning to go to his country. As I just don't want any pity left between us. Later I was told by one friend: that’s because he worried maybe he can’t give me a better living condition in the future. so he wants me to stay in my city… What? Want me to stay here? and then? get married here, give birth here, &die here? Is that for my sake? It drives me crazy,  is that real love? and I don't know what to do…

09:11 AM Aug 29 2009 |

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Real love means contribution and sacrifice, pain and humiliation, torture and agony. Are you brave enough to pay that above mention price than real love exist and if you don't than considered it a legendary tale.



09:20 AM Aug 29 2009 |



dear Saladeen,

 yeah! but i think it needs the efforts from both of the two sides. i'm ready for that your mentioned above, but also i need his response and support…am i right?

09:40 AM Aug 29 2009 |




I am talking about real love. Real love is not confined to one person, real love is not even to humanity real love is for all creatures (Including humanity). The love between two person is more a transaction, partnership and mutual understanding. So, all the terms and conditions of partnership will apply to marriage contracts. It must be on equal grounds.

09:49 AM Aug 29 2009 |




my boyfriend and i are live in diffrent cities ,but we believe that we can live together after several years when we both graduate,we are fighting  for our future ,i think  real love exits between he and i.Smile

10:18 AM Aug 29 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


be sure it does 

& our duty is looking for it.

If we search more we can find it as much as our searching.

I hope we can find it sooner.

I have found him, he is just :

ALLah ( GOD ).


10:24 AM Aug 29 2009 |


Sri Lanka

love is reflect when both parties in pure in love, unless its matrialistic love

11:17 AM Aug 29 2009 |



saladeen, you are right "it must be on equal grounds"! thank u!

wenkaixia & Sina16, wish u both good luck:)



12:54 PM Aug 29 2009 |



somebody can not acchive to love anybody more than himself/herself but of course it exist,exceptions can not break the rule

10:43 PM Aug 29 2009 |




ohh it seems a sad love story in the end :(( well..i dont know if i believe in REAL LOVE or not. especially on the Strange Internet. i nearly cant believe there will be true love just on Net. ( well..maybe yes ! but difficult ) and even in real life is still a little hard. but i believe everyone will have a happy true love in their someday. maybe just not yet now :)))

and i want to say…a love in the internet !!! woo ! awesome lol but not be saved. so much fear, unsure and even reason ( lie ) about the internet love relationship. cuz we cant know each other very well just by the net. maybe ppl dont  have to be themself, etc….lol  and a love !!  Maybe it is just " we can TRY "  u know TRY but it doesnt mean we have to Serious on it. u know just for fun ( some ppl think so ) :SS so i dont believe real love on net !!!  getting broken heart of piece easily :(( 

06:51 AM Aug 30 2009 |



hey, guysvivi,

 tks for your comments, but we met in real life, then separated to our own countries for some uncontrollable reason. frankly speaking, i dont believe the "love" from net either.Smile 

yes, i'm confused but i'm trying to find the way as well.

07:37 AM Aug 30 2009 |