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Stop Capital punishment for teenagers


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 Behnoud Shojai

A few days ago Behnoud Shojai a 21 years old boy was executed in Iran, when he was 16 years old while fighting with another boy accidently killed him, and after that time he spent 5 years in prison in tumult of being executed or not and eventually he was executed in 11 October (Just a day after “the World Day Against the Death Penalty” on 10 October)


In Iran’s law, teenagers who commit a murder their execution postpone till they become an adult and then are executed and family of victim decides to whether forgive murderer or not, in recent months many artists tried to collect money and give it to victim’s family as a penalty to prevent his execution but government refused it.


LAST MOMENTS OF BEHNOUD'S LIFE: Behnoud was standing on a chair with the rope around his neck. The victim's family entered the room, Behnoud came face to face with the victim's mother and told her "I never had a mother, you be my moth…er and love me." The victim's sister and brother were also on their knees begging their mother to forgive Behnoud, and the victim's father remained silent. Behnoud pleaded one last time to the mother, and she gave a firm "NO" and took the chair from under Behnoud and Behnoud was left hanging. This picture was shortly taken after Behnoud's death.

 Behnoud Shojai after excution

I don’t know why forgiveness for some people is so hard, I don’t know if I can forgive or not but I wish from God to give me a big heart to forgive myself and others.


How’s capital punishment in your country? And what’s your opinion about capital punishment?


Additional links:

Behnoud's Shojaee funeral 13 Oct



10:04 AM Oct 16 2009 |

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I agree, after some time, we will experience scarcity of teenagers.

Maybe than mature one's would be more visible on the screen. 

You can take above statements in multiple forms. :-) 

10:19 AM Oct 16 2009 |

Mapleleaf Man


Canada doesn't have capital punishment, which is good. As a country we have put several people in prison for crimes they did not commit, so it's good that we don't execute people. 

In the United States, of course, many states still execute people and they are very proud of that fact. They just proved that they executed two innocent people back in 1913, even though the police knew about it.

Execution is backwards and totally wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right.  

11:49 AM Oct 16 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hakimi ;

I agree with you, last year 339 people were executed in Iran and it’s too bad because many were teenagers. But these days many countries abolish capital punishment and may someday it happen in Middle East too.

12:34 PM Oct 16 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Mapleleaf Man;

Yeah, in some states like California still capital punishment is performed and one victim that I really felt sorry for his execution was Stanley Tookie Williams, he even wrote some books for showing ugly pictures of crimes to children. Even many victim’s families and celebrities like Tony Robbins tried to convince Arnold Schwarzenegger that don’t execute him but the superstar only wanted to perform rules, he even didn’t know why he executed him while he changed in prison and became another person, a useful person for society.


 I’m happy that Canada is one of countries that don’t have capital punishment.


12:39 PM Oct 16 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of



Thank you for sharing your opionion.


12:40 PM Oct 16 2009 |



Oh My God!!

01:24 PM Oct 16 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Well, I don’t know many about laws but I think It depends to judge too, in general most who murder someone accidently don’t executed and they free from prison after a few months if they pay penalty cost to victim’s family but those who murder deliberately it depends to victim’s family.


Some family have such a great heart and can forgive victims and some like this one only want to revenge and what happen after revenge their beloved can return to life? Or their anger would lessen?


Who know may this woman a few years later repent from his doing? But then she should live with a guilty feeling.


04:55 PM Oct 16 2009 |



United Kingdom

All respect for all young Iranians doing their best to change the system and make their country a better place.

05:01 PM Oct 16 2009 |




06:12 PM Oct 16 2009 |



I'm against capital punishment. It's such a shame that capital punishment(not for teenagers) still exists in Thailand,  the Buddhist country. Lethal injection is used here, still killing in any form is unacceptable even for murderers.

08:09 PM Oct 16 2009 |