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Life Talk!

Which member of ebaby can't you stand?




Everyone dislikes someone :P

05:50 PM Feb 13 2010 |

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shut up motherfucker

06:52 PM Feb 13 2010 |

Monique Fernandes


well XD i'll say the truth.. there was one guy here that was so annoying.. i had to block him in msn coz if i spent 30 seconds without talking to him, he would say "oh it's ok.. you don't want to talk to me" and his english was so poor that everything i said he misunderstood me :S and i've discovered a friend of mine passed throught the same thing with the same person.. i mean, not one friend, TWO! i wont say his name or where he is from XD

Santiago.. i think it's your turn! :)

10:57 PM Feb 13 2010 |




I had a Chinese contact that told me that she wanted to have sex with me and always wanted to travel to South America, she told me that loved occidental guys like me (lol), my friend Laura told me ''don't be idiot, when she sees all the blondes here she will forget you xD''. I also deleted her from msn. I did hate Djouzi (Mr.Bond James Bond) He was kinda annoying with Islam topics and with the cheap blah blah blah blah blah everyday, everytime, everywhere. There was a girl from Azerbaijan that told me something like all Armenians should die and more cheap blah blah, that I didn't like at all. A Spaniard guy on a chat told to me and to a Chilean that we were sudakas and nasty and dirty and so on. Apart of that I think I don't have problems with anyone, of course, I don't like some comments, for example a Bosnian (a bright example of modern rich nation!) guy who told that all Latinos are extremly poor (please, study a lil bit of geography), people with extremly islamic point of views, Falkland issue stupid comments and Armenian genocide denials.

Nothing against Chinese, Spaniards, British, Bosnians and Azeris though! 

11:05 PM Feb 13 2010 |

Monique Fernandes


LOL XD You could write a book about that! So many people.

11:12 PM Feb 13 2010 |



yaradılanı severim yaradandan ötürü




I love every human being in the name of God but I dislike characters like the ones of fabs1, marcoarmani, santiago, jacop… i dont remember the others.

08:38 PM Feb 14 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thats a cool subject, when I see the topic someone came to my mind ;p

of course there r someone in ebaby who I don`t like them but don`t wanna mention their name ;p but finally there soooo few in compare of good people here, I meet many nice people from all around  the world here ;D

Dear Monique: when I read ur comment wanted to cry!!!! ;p

I think it was like hell, yeah? it`s sooo bad to see some people like him/her & say nothing coz they`ll be annoyed!

dear santiago:

it seems u had  hard time here lol

I heard manythings from different people here about my country, religion, thought & so on & there were some insulting words which I coudn`t stand!!!!!!!!! ;O  

12:21 AM Feb 16 2010 |



United Kingdom

I don't know anyone here personally so therefore I can't make judgements about them.


However someone which attacks Jews (not Israel but Jewish people in particular) personally, those people I have a problem with.

03:45 AM Feb 16 2010 |



Djouzi (Mr.Bond James Bond) and of course the new guy from Brazil! he just gets on my nerves!


10:55 AM Feb 16 2010 |




I don't like ppl who are hypocrite. for instance ppl who say they love everybody and then say they don't like certian characters. I genuinely don't get it. I also can't stand this guy who keeps posting million of useless pics (literally millions). And generally speaking, I can't stand ppl who argue, and when the person who they argue with brings up facts that against their opinon, they go like "I don't believe it cuz it's all lies and you're just bla bla bla".

11:47 AM Feb 16 2010 |




I am a new member.So I cant answer this question.

But I think I will ignore the people I dont like,rather than judging them.

04:43 AM Feb 17 2010 |