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Russian Federation

Hello, dear Ebabians.

You know, being here more than two years, during this time I have to decline the most amount of friend requests. I don’t need thousand friends, ‘cause they are NOT friends at all mostly as well…

But I am talking about another thing. The majourity of men sending me requests are from Turkey and many of them conseal it, saying in their profiles that they’re from United States or United Kingdom. Laughing

Hey, naive guys, don’t you know that you easy impersonate yourself with special printing which there are no such keyboards in English speaking countries. Pay attention on letter “i” Cool

And, moreover this, why do you think I will accept you if you’re allegedly or really from England or USA?..... LOL

10:41 AM Aug 20 2011 |

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Monique Fernandes


You are right!!! Maybe that was the reason for “him”(her) not closing the window. XD

02:18 AM Aug 27 2011 |



Russian Federation

Nu Pogodi

I’m sure that they’re NOW in THEIR Turkey, but they cheat. I saw some pics in profiles, I saw their faces (for them who tried to convince me that they’re from US or UK) all that proved that they lied.  For example, once I received a friend request from a man from Turkey, I didn’t take it (‘cause I don’t accept all requests). Then, after some time, he sent me again his request, but changed the country and nickname, but it was the same face and the same message with the the special letter “i” :)

So, there were several times I got such requests and messages from such men.

Of’course, there are people who are in other, not their countries now. May be they live and work there. But mostly there are a lot of liers on the website, who just collect girls.

05:31 AM Aug 27 2011 |




Here I’m talking about liars.

and you are talking about different case,

Maybe for you it is not important, and I don’t ask you to show you pic !

Wwhat I’m talking about here is when you don’t trust someonae, it is necessary to make sure of his identity…

Anyway…ma and monique were not discussing the matter from your point of view.

05:26 PM Aug 27 2011 |