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Life Talk!

Are You Human??Then Come And See but ....leave ur comment!!!!



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

The war on Gaza..


this is the second war on Gaza Strip…As usual, No one can speak, can deny or even refuse what is going on against GAza!!!!


Children are killing right now,,,SORRY, not just children but women , old people and innocent persons!!!!


they are victims..they don’t hold guns and attack israel…they r civillians!!!


Show me ur sympathy,

Show me that u refuse such a case in gaza

Show me that you are HUMAN….


PS:u can visit my profile to see the photos of the WAR against Gaza..

07:28 PM Nov 18 2012 |

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the people who make it s the Hamas , the hamas is an Islamic terror organization. 

watch this and learn:


07:29 PM Dec 02 2012 |