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Life Talk!

Pen-friends wanted!!!!


Hong Kong

hello! I’m a 18yrs girl from HongKong. I’m a high-school student and study Visual Art as a major subject!
I like drawing and shopping so much! My English is very poorso that I want to make some friends who can talk in English with me to help me improve my Eng.Hope you can be!If you’r interested, plz leave a contact method.Thz a lot!P.S. And here is a pic of me that u can see
looking forward to know you all!see you~

01:11 AM Mar 14 2006 |

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I am 24,working in the international sales department,i wil be honored give you my help,for anything please fell free to contact me,my msn is:,QQ;6851732.

07:24 AM Mar 17 2006 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi.you really look friendly I woulld like to be pen friends with u if u like.my e-mail is : You can also check my profile.I’m looking forward to hearing from u soon.

08:22 AM Mar 17 2006 |



i am 22 ,i am in hohai university,my major is computer .my english is poor ,too.but i think we can improve together .i do not give in ,and never will .i think life is to challenge ourselves ,who that can get his life peak is a successful man.if you like ,my email:
or QQ:413517316 .

12:28 PM Mar 17 2006 |



how can i know your e-mail?

11:52 PM Mar 17 2006 |



Cote D'Ivoire

I want improve my english!Who can help me?I will help you too!

11:06 AM Mar 18 2006 |

go with wind


hi,I am Chinese.Would you please tell me how to get in touch with you?I’m sorry ,I cannot see your email.

11:30 AM Mar 18 2006 |


New Zealand

hi online or no?

03:04 AM Mar 19 2006 |




contact me using msn :putin010 at hotmail dot com.

09:41 AM Mar 22 2006 |



Hi.girl!If you will,we can to be friend.I come form Shang Hai Theatre Academy.It is my emil address:”” I think you can teach me how to play the “MSN” .See you!

02:20 AM Mar 23 2006 |



Contact me at hotmail : attractiveapple at hotmail dot com …
Let’s be friends…
Oh, I’m from Thailand, by the way…

05:07 AM Mar 23 2006 |