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Is there a greater nation than America



No matter how much some people hate USA, it is still the greatest country in the world. It's the best example for how democracy should go, how to work and how to live. But it's not easy to be understood by everyone, especially by people with first english words like "insert coin, play again". You still do not believe me? Check this, maybe you'll change your mind:




07:56 AM Oct 17 2007 |

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Russian Federation

because all other countries, even if they think best of themselves, keep it quietly. The USA makes everyone esle accept their greatness with the policy it sticks to. Quite simple

07:29 PM Nov 22 2007 |



Russian Federation

   Oh, cool! ))))

02:18 AM Nov 23 2007 |



 hi, i am not a politicien it's just my opignon

i think that there is much problems in this word, the us democratic model is (stable) and gives the american's people a real sence if freedom, equity, strong and free juridical system and much more…

but, this model should be exported in all the parts of the word with of course specifities of each contry

than american's must help the poeple in  parts of this world. in that way many problems in the world will be resolved them selves in those countries by democratic ways by peace by opignon respects….

then problems will not be repercuted to any country in this small world.

that what i think do you agree ? tell me

04:55 PM Nov 23 2007 |



Russian Federation

  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Please, i hope it will not touch the rest of the countries! It's enough what they've done in the Middle East. 
Hlp, THAT is not a good model of democracy! that's a piece of ####! It`s just a pretext to invade and intrude people's lives.

05:33 PM Nov 23 2007 |

t k awan

t k awan


Let me enjoy the photo put by Great NU Pagody.

Let me stop myself to comment on it.

I cannot share my views after this.

I am still laughing and laughing and …........................Tongue out

06:11 AM Dec 04 2007 |

Green Alice

Russian Federation

Dear Johnn Smith! I'm not sure that all American Indians are proud of being American. To be totally sincere (leaving all the nationalistic stuff behind), American nation (i.e anglo-saxon) is (was?) an occupant towards native Americans (i.e. Indians).

We Were All Woonded at Woonded Knee!

12:03 PM Dec 04 2007 |




yes, there is a greater nation than america, who command him, is israel.  

08:52 PM Dec 31 2007 |




Democrasy is the power of people,am i right?Do American people really want to deprive Iraq children of their parents, childhood, not saying about heaith????there are a lot of invalids there now…

11:30 PM Dec 31 2007 |



Russian Federation

I just can't stop wondering…I strive to ask the creator of this post a simple question. When he named it "Is there any greater nation than America?" (omiting the fact that the word "America" does not refer to any nation), did he have an answer to another question? – What is actually so GREAT about it? eh?..  I mean it, i'm really interested in answer.

03:00 PM Jan 12 2008 |




In my opinion the question is so much offensive, that only super proud and self- confident american could ask it!!! It's the same as if there were a lot of people sitting in one room and one of them asked: is there anyone who's better than me?
Dear JohnSmith! Remember, that every country like every person is a personality with it's strong and weak pionts and every country is beautiful and ugly in some way. And USA is not the exeption!
And every country in the world want from the USA only one thing – the RESPECT!!!!!!!
That's why some countries are fighting for it (like Iraq,North Corea), some are going to fight (Iran,China), some let you fuck them and saying thanks for it and some will show their attitude when time will come

04:40 PM Jan 12 2008 |