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Comparative Adjective Phrases

To compare people, places, events, or things that have something in common, use the structure as + adjective + as. Examples of these type of comparisons include age, temperature, attitude, etc. For example, "Amanda is 5 years old, and Tony is 5 years old. Amanda is as old as Tony." Or "Florida is warm. California is warm. Florida is as warm as California."

We can also use as + adjective + as to compare people, places or things that are not the same. To make an unequal comparison, add not before the first as. For example, "Megan is not as happy as Sue," or, "Biking is not as difficult as running."

Comparative Adjective Phrases Grammar Quiz

  1. Puppies are kittens.

  2. Matt runs a 5 minute mile. James can run a mile in 5 minutes, too. Matt is James.

  3. Calculus and physics are both hard. Calculus is physics.

  4. I need the reports at the same time I need the files. I need the reports the files.

  5. Hiking and swimming are both fun. Hiking is swimming.

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i liked the explanatoin !english language  speaks is as hard as another language.

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I loved the explanation. Teaching a language could be as difficult as learning it.

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