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The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower

Learn English meaning of ‘The Dark Tower’

Date: Aug 04 2017

Themes: Celebrity, News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Comparative Adjective Phrases


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Stephen King is one of the most popular fiction writers alive today. His most famous stories are usually scary, like Carrie, Pet Semetary, or The Shining. However, he also loves to cross genres, and he has written in almost every style. When he was a college student, he began to write a dystopian western about a gunslinger. The book wasn’t published until 12 years later.

When The Dark Tower was published, many people were pumped. The story became very popular. It told the tale of Roland, The Gunslinger, who must survive in a post-apocalyptic realm. The book is strange and beautiful. Now, after 35 years, this famous novel is going to become a movie. Fans of the story couldn’t be more excited!

Andy is a big fan of The Dark Tower. Listen to today’s English lesson to hear him talk with Marni about why he’s excited.


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Andy_H:  Hey, Marni, have you heard about Dark Tower? Oh, my gosh! Tell me you’re as pumped as I am about this awesome movie!

Marni:  I am curious about it. I am familiar with the Stephen King novel that goes on, and on, and on. And so now, they’re making a movie about it, right?

Andy_H:  …which is going to be incredible.

Marni:  I’m curious about the story. It’s kind of like this dystopian western. There’s, like, two main characters…

Andy_H:  It’s like you don’t know if it’s a post-apocalyptic Earth or just a whole entire new realm. It loves to cross genres, and well, I’ll admit even I did not think that Idris Elba…

Marni:  … who I love…

Andy_H:  … would become The Gunslinger.

Marni:  Right!

Andy_H:  I mean, everyone associates that person with Clint Eastwood, you know, the cowboy.

Marni:  Yeah. Well, kudos for interesting casting.

Andy_H:  Amen!

Marni:  Let’s mix it up.

Andy_H:  Amen!

Marni:  And Matthew McConaughey, who kind of, in my eyes, can do no wrong.

Andy_H:  Here’s the thing… I need to reread this book before I see this movie because I want to see if they finally figured out a way to make long books into amazing movies.


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Andy is very excited because The Dark Tower will soon be a movie. He asks Marni if she is also pumped about this film. Marni isn’t as excited as Andy, but she is very curious. She knows about the original Stephen King story, but she hasn’t read it. She tells Andy that she knows there are two main characters and that it’s a dark western.

Andy is happy to tell Marni more about The Dark Tower. He explains that the story happens in a post-apocalyptic realm, and in addition to being a western, it also crosses genres. Marni is most excited to see two of her favorite actors, Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, in the new movie. And Andy is going to reread the novel before he goes to watch it.

What is your favorite Stephen King story? Are you excited to watch The Dark Tower?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I havent heard his name but i dont like horrer film or science fiction.

09:33 AM Oct 17 2018 |

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United States

I dont watch liberal movies or affirmative action stuff it is against my views

06:27 AM Aug 05 2017 |

1 person likes this



   No. I don’t like any science fiction which is far from the real world. So I rarely read such books and watch such movies.  Because I can’t understand non real world’s stories.  But I really admire the authors who can write the science fictions. What do they think? How do they think ? I don’t know completely .

12:57 AM Aug 04 2017 |

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eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I love Carrie, in my opinion this is the best story he has already written so far!

In fact, I don’t know The Dark Tower, I’ve never read this book, but I am pumped to watch it right now!

07:09 PM Aug 03 2017 |

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