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To, Too & Two

Because to, too, & two all sound the same, people often confuse them. Here are some examples of how to use these words correctly.

To is either used as part of an infinitive (to go, to sing, to do, etc.) or as a preposition (to the store, to Rome, etc.). We use infinitives after certain verbs such as love, like, want, or hate. For example, "I want to see a movie tonight," or, "I hate to study for math tests." We use to as a preposition when we are talking about where we are going. For instance, "She is going to a party this weekend," or, "Did you go to the bank today?"

Too is used to talk about the quantity of something (too much, too little, etc.). As an example, "Jeff can't go with us tonight. He has too much work to do!" In addition, we use too when we mean also. For example, "I like the band Coldplay, too!"

Two is used to talk about the number between one and three. For example, "I have two sisters," or, "There are two tickets left for the concert on Saturday."

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I want to order a milkshake with a delicous pie,
Me too,
But sorry i dislike pie i wanna order two smal cakes,
It sounds great,

09:54 AM Jun 06 2015 |

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did you go to the mall ?

i like to eat sushi.

me too!

i have too oranges on the table.

03:51 PM May 10 2015 |


United States

I am going to the market.

I feel like am thirsty.

Me too!

i have two brothers.

06:47 AM Jan 02 2015 |