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dreaming girl

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December 11, 2007

first ,help people that need help without reward.

second have faith in your heart.for example god or buddha.

third,work happily .dont force yourself to be very pefect.

forth.be confident on yourself.that is very important.

sixth.dont care about anthing that may make you be failed .dont care about anyone who may make you lose confidence on yourself.

remember one saying.dont care about more ,just do it .have confidence on yourself .you will be succesful!

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12:39 AM Dec 11 2007



Good post, Thats tight we should not think about our past mistakes and moreover we should not think much about our future also, because future is a mystery and past is a history. One should just concentrate on one's present state. And about helping others I wrote a good real story "Fruit for Honesty and Helpfulness" in my personal blog. click here to read it

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