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Mapleleaf Man


November 27, 2007

After yesterday's trials I didn't feel like making a video today. I started two of them, one on computers and another one on different greetings in English but neither one made it past 'the cutting room floor'. 

Instead, I'm offering some links to FREE AUDIO BOOKS! Remember when I told you about Moby Dick? Yeah? Ok, so you don't. Anyway you can download it from here:


Ok, so it's 600 megabytes but it's a great novel. There are lots of other free books on that site. Just download them, load them onto your mp3 player and listen while you walk, jog, eat or sleep. You will be wiser and  you  will learn English faster this way.

Here is another link:


 Here's a tip. If you click on a link to one of these books and you come to a page that has a Quicktime logo on it, and the book starts loading to play inside your browser (Explorer or Firefox but we all use Firefox RIGHT!), hit the back button and right click the link. Choose 'save link as' and then save the mp2 to your computer. Then it will download and you can listen to it at your leisure and also load it to your mp3 player. 

Remember that if you have problems with a link or problems downloading things, send me a message. I'll help you out.

Finally, because of copyright restrictions, most books that are free online were written before 1923. Some new books are available however so keep searching. 

If someone finds a link to a different site that seems cool, please send me  message. I will post the link here. 

Good luck! YBTYTYA!

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View all entries from The Maple Leaf Rag >