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December 9, 2008

This report is comparative of Czech and Japan.
 ・A road sign and no parking sing resembles in Japan.
 ・A pedestrian crossing resembles in Japan.
 ・Cars are similar Japanese car.

 ・A building is big general.
 ・A lot of big rivers are seen.
 ・A lot of buildings such as the castle are seen.
 ・There are a lot of trees.
 ・Population, Density and Area a little than Japan.

☆Interesting things
 ・Czech a part of the Habsburg dynasty rule until 1918.
 ・Czechoslovakia peacefully split into two countries in 1993.
 ・ Czech is called a country having good technology.
 ・Japan began to write its own history after the 5th and 6th centuries.
 ・ The samurai and shogun of Medieval Japan are similar to knights and lords    in Medieval Europe.



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