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May 13, 2012

I have been waiting for you  so long.

Longing for that  day when I be in your arm.

Life ain't life with out you.

I wish  you were not that far.

01:04 AM Aug 28 2014

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

03:35 AM May 16 2012

Saudi Arabia

gud 1 :)

01:06 PM May 13 2012




May 13, 2012

I turned back thousands of times,

I turned my ear to all those millions of tracks

To hear that one voice, that one call,

But with great loyalty you paid homage

to that distressing betrayal of mine.

The turn from where you moved on;

I forever stood there;

With many shackles of regrets,

with many chains of remorse...

You wanted me to cry out your name;

and I waited for you to turn back;

The same words are still peeping through;

But the power of speech has lost the track...

I turned back thousands of times...

wish something like this would happen someday -

my condition would be yours …

The night i spent dying,

That night you would have beard

You wanted me to call you, and I wanted you to call me

The name is still is on the lips, but the voice has given way..

06:15 AM Jan 27 2013




April 17, 2012

Hi, peeps.

I dunno from where to start and  how to start. Long story short I am here to improve my English. I be so happy if you will be with me and corect my mistakes.

What else !

I am from Pakistan.

Don't  panic. I will not eat you.

I speak Urdu. It's my primary language.

I am on my way to find my self. I love life and  almost everything .

I reckon there is nothing good or bad in this world. Everything is for purpose and everything has its reason. So, Instead of racking my brain too much I go with flow and follow my heart.

Does that make any sense  to you ?

Nah.Yup, I know ! Actually it's 11:03 Pm here at a moment. I am feeling so sleepy.  Gotta go now.

See ya soon.

10:56 PM Apr 24 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D

good morning.....................

open your eyes for mother nature

and be happy

10:25 PM Apr 23 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D

a n g e l................

how are your eyes ???  LaughingLaughing

I have prepared tea ( for you and me)

it s more easy when we have to talk a lot

about our countries

it s Chinese tea...........mmmmmmmmhhhhh

grean tea, form Hoangzhou

I love that tea a lot

will you join me ??

04:24 AM Apr 23 2012



Thank you for the friend request.

Glad to meet you and please stay happy and enjoy your day :)

(Your background music on your profile is beautiful..very relaxing,I like it a lot )

Butterflies  Thanks

02:18 AM Apr 23 2012


Syrian Arab Republic

Bunny Heart Scene

02:09 AM Apr 23 2012


Syrian Arab Republic

Dear Angel

weclome to English baby

follow your heart or your head ?

I prefer to follow my heart oo but somtimes i wish if i hadn't as conflict between head and heart makes me lost it is more wisely to follow both but this wont be easy so follow your heat if you dont make your decision .

11:26 PM Apr 22 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, thanks for your unexpected answer

but...............to be honest  100 times would be enough

With a great smile to you, it comes from my heart

and should bring some sun to you  LaughingWink

10:40 PM Apr 22 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D

good morning from germany

would you like to join a German breakfast ??

I welcome you , it s nice

and sooo different to Pakistan, be sure  Laughing

try it, I m sure, you will love it

08:38 PM Apr 21 2012



Hello dear Angel eyes, welcome to ebaby,your English is very good, I can tell by your writing :) , thanks for visiting my blog yesterday, have a great time!!! :)

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