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United States

September 13, 2010

So, I just spent the last five days running around at a huge music festival in my hometown. It was a blast, but I have to say, I am so exhausted! Between standing on my feet all day for all these shows, dealing with large crowds, and dancing and rocking out to a bunch of bands, I have used up all my energy.

But this festival was a treat because the performers included some of my new favorite acts, as well as some bands I really loved growing up like The Smashing Pumpkins, my favorite group in middle school. Even though  the only original member is Billy Corgan, they were still fantastic. I got so close to the stage I took some cool pictures of him!

In all, over 200 bands played at this five day festival.

Are there large music festivals in your country? Which ones? Do you go?

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03:19 AM Nov 14 2010



In beijing, there are some music festivals each May, and October . Midi rock music festival and modern sky music festival. I do like them and really enjoyed a lot during the festival, that's why i want to visit beijing each year. so cool.

08:32 AM Nov 12 2010

eli-bad girl
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like it

its really interestingSmile

hi reyhaneh i love you & of course your name!its lovely.

10:10 PM Nov 11 2010

best try

best try

Music makes everything and same medicine for mind.....

06:36 AM Oct 14 2010



Sound beautiful,guy! It's so interesting me alot. Esp, when i got stress. I do not think there is this kind of music which spent 5 day long in my country. How often does it celebrate there?

04:12 AM Sep 14 2010



I live in Hungary and in my opinion we have some festivals which are famous worldwide. The most important one is the Sziget Festival in Budapest. It was hold 11-16th of August. It is an enormous music festival where lots of musicians appear. It takes one week long and there are more than 6 stages. In this year the festival lined up : Faithless, Madness, Iron Maiden, Kasabian, Collins&Behnam, HotX, Dj Shadow etc.

Other well known festivals in Hungary are the Heineken Balaton Sound and the  Volt Festival.

Have somebody heard about these?

01:12 AM Sep 14 2010

xiaoyan liu

i guess u got a wonderful music festival...that is cool..even though u stood all say.but it deserved it...wasn't ? i study in beijing. here also held music festival..but all CHinese singers..not that attractive for me..smile to u..diana