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United States

December 5, 2011

Look at my proud dad. I did it! After four years of nonstop homework, essays, exams, group projects and lectures, I finally graduated from college. It was an incredibly trying but ultimately rewarding experience. I learned so much and made many amazing friends. As I left my last class last week with my favorite professor I've ever had, I have to say, I got a little emotional. I had taken 4 classes with this professor, and I suddenly realized that I would never be in a class with him or any of my other valued professors ever again. But I'm pretty excited to have a much needed vacation from all the work, work, work school entails!

My family and friends keep asking if I am going to go to grad school. Getting my undergraduate was so exhausting that I can't even begin to think about more college right now!

Are you in college or do you have a degree? What do you miss most about school?

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03:09 AM May 20 2012


you rae succesful


12:48 AM May 01 2012

Viet Nam


12:38 AM Apr 10 2012

brave dentist

well, your photo with your dad recall me an amazing memories when i graduated from my faculty,,, feeling i well never come back to the class. actually, sometime i miss those days i seem forget about the hard working or devastating a lot of times reading,doing homework but i wanna ever go back  

04:05 AM Mar 02 2012



I understand that Devan, me? I still have 3 more years to go, congrats Devan, finally you did it, just take a little more vacations and after that you can think your next step :) , Kambate! I'm your fan in Ebaby shop opera lol