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Devan's World


United States

August 11, 2010

Right now I am visiting my family in Arizona, one of the hottest states in the USA. By hottest I literally mean hot, as in temperature. It is currently 110 degrees (fahrenheit) here. Where I live in Portland, Oregon, the temperature is much cooler, which has led my friends to ask, "Why, oh why, would you go to the desert in the middle of summer?" The reason is because my family lives here, and since I am in school during the rest of the year, this is one of my only opportunities to come see them. Between work and a full school schedule, I don't get much time throughout the year to take vacations. So the one or two times a year I am actually able to take time off from both work and school, my family generally pressures me to see them.

As much as I love my family, this is difficult for me, because once in a while I would like to save my money and vacation time to go somewhere I've never been, like Europe or Hawaii. Yet, it seems like I am guilt-tripped into coming to my home town that I've already seen hundreds of times over and over again. 

Do any of you guys have this problem? Have you ever skipped out on coming home for the holidays or summer vacation in favor of vacationing with your friends? Were your parents offended that you chose to use your free time NOT seeing them?

04:13 AM Mar 02 2012



Oh, taxi really cool, did you drive that?

09:24 PM Feb 11 2011



I was always being at the school where in my living city, so i didn't have that trouble till i'm working out of my hometown right now. But i came home to see my parents and my boyfriend at least two times a year, that's the only free time i have for a year, so it's nearly impossible for me to travel. I hope i could make it this year, maybe go to some places never been with my families together. Isn't it a win-win situation?

05:26 AM Dec 13 2010

Viet Nam

Hi Devan, how's it going ? I hope everything is going well with you. For the subject of coming home versus going vacations, I think you should coming home at least once in a year so that everyone in family has a chance to catch up each other. We might have another chance to go to Europe or Hawaii if we miss one, but family deserves to a chance to care each other

04:21 AM Sep 19 2010


I think you must be under order of your parents becouse we ( muslim) believe parents obedience after our god obedience this is in our holy book ( quran)

11:14 AM Sep 05 2010


Russian Federation

Weii, when I was at the university I used to go home every half a year. Then I have been visiting parents one time in year or even one time in two years. And it do not cause any problems. Nowadays when we have phones, cell phones, skype, etc. it's much easier to be in connection with relatives. You can call them even every day if you want. So I think it's okay to go on vacation with friends instead of visiting parents. Unless there is important reason to visit them like wedding of your brother or sister or birthday or smth else and the hole famile is going to be their. 

01:54 AM Sep 05 2010

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think you should disscussed with ur parents about this issue, i am sure that they understand u, but never forget them

06:30 AM Sep 01 2010


your parents wait to see you every long-weeken. They keep looking on the road to see your car drive home.

01:43 AM Aug 31 2010


Viet Nam


June 8, 2010














The weather is starting to get warm. I'm about to finish up school for the year, and I'm all ready to start my summer vacation. There's just one thing missing: I haven't found the "song of the summer." It seems like every year there's some hit song that becomes my "jam," that song that perfectly embodies the carefree feeling of a long summer day or a crazy summer night. But so far this year I'm still listening to leftovers from 2009. What do you guys think is going to be the jam of summer 2010? Have you heard any songs yet that are getting you in the spirit for beach getaways and pool parties?

If you have any suggestions, throw them my way. I'm always looking for new music! 

05:24 PM Aug 09 2010



ahahahah tito's tacos i love tito's tacos xDDDD que te encantaran no lo puedo evitar puedes probar enchiladas y tacos xD lo unico mejor es titos tacos! xD hey devan if u get tired wit jason contact me plz haha jus' kidding! ;) have a nice day and gret blog! greetings from honduras! (y)

04:39 AM Aug 02 2010




hey!i have a recommendation for you.take a look!i hope you ll like it.


01:22 AM Jul 14 2010



i love,,,music,sunlight,

 i don't like summer cuz it's hot

but i like swimming in  summer!

09:55 PM Jul 05 2010


HI, well Im latin, and maybe it depends, for example here where i live always is good listen some reggaeton, but always there are new godd muscig of reggaeton, and not only this kind of music, im talkin about the all kind of music that you can find but in spanish of course, i really dont now about music in english....=)

02:07 AM Jun 16 2010

your sunnybabe


Jack Johnson - You And Your Heart Smile

10:10 PM Jun 15 2010



GWinkood ideal~!

08:49 PM Jun 14 2010


Hey Devan, check out Summer Crush by Accidentally Fresh http://www.reverbnation.com/accidentallyfresh Hope you like it!!!

08:22 AM Jun 14 2010


there how Much as songs of shakira   bye

07:46 AM Jun 14 2010


Dear Devan! There is very cute song "In the Summernight"  (band Teach In) 

07:01 AM Jun 14 2010

United States

Are u kiddin?

it's usher ft. will.i.am - omg

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April 17, 2010

Today is Record Store Day in the United States. This is a special day that was created to help the failing record industry. Thousands of artists are putting out special releases that will only be available through independent record stores in hopes of boosting these stores' sales. 

I worked at a record store a couple years ago until it went out of business. It seems the iPod and the internet are killing CD's and records. I think a lot of good comes from technological innovations, but I think there's a lot of negative aspects to this as well. I spent so much time hanging out in record stores when I was a kid that I simply cannot imagine raising kids in a world where record stores don't exist. For me, scanning websites is nowhere near comparable to scanning record bins. I like to own the physical item, look at the pictures, read the lyrics, engage in the act of putting on a record.

 What about you guys? Do you still buy CD's/Records? Why or why not? 

11:54 AM May 12 2010



I can say the same about books - You should feel the paper, smell it, touch it... Hate e-books, but of course I know it`s something that I can`t stop... our word is all the time just "via" something not "in" sth. Even English, baby! is kind of example that we want to met people but not want to know them. You cannot agree of course, but I think It`s true - we are virtual:)

12:43 AM May 11 2010


I just download them from the net and find the lyrics on the other sources.. go to the CD's store would take my time too much..heheh

08:01 AM May 10 2010


YEAH I DO! i even bought a portable CD player several days before! iPod and any MP3/4/5 players are really great inventions. but there's nothing which can take place of CD. not even a second for me!

11:26 AM Apr 30 2010


I think it would be perfect to listen to music with words of the songs .we can feel the feelings of the songs .And also we can relax ourselves.Smile

12:36 AM Apr 28 2010


CD has the perfect sound,iPod and other MP3 player is more convenient.I like the high quality music,so I can buy some CD and a good earphone to enjoy the perfect music. My ipod is also my favorite, I always take it to outside,to travelling,picnic....so ,for me, cd will not disappear!

07:18 PM Apr 26 2010


Christmas Island

CD won't fade as time goes by, just like instant coffee can't replace coffee bean. For the really beautiful music (like classical & jazz, etc..) that needs sound effect, i prefer listening though HI-FI 

09:47 PM Apr 17 2010

ZoOm In

ZoOm In
Saudi Arabia

Hi Devan

well I think that's more about how convenient is using ipod . do you compare your CD player with the ipod ? there is no comparison.. size of memory, uses, the way how you can navigate your sound file and so and so


I think technology is just making things easier and more compatible especially with the modern life style

thanks =)