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September 8, 2009

  There are so many days I left you alone

   I can't forget you all the things you've done to me

   You help me to live in this world

   to understand  the world of full of gold and silver.

   How can I repay all the thing you've done.

   the wisdom and the skill you given.

   I never forget you forever.

   I miss you english baby!!!!!!



July 31, 2009

The icon of freedome

A woman with substance

The first woman who became the president of The Philippines.

The first woman president in Asia.

An inspiration of  many Filipinos around the world

A fighter

A good mother

Thank you  and farewell President Corazon Aquino ! We will miss you.





08:56 AM Aug 02 2009


Russian Federation

A nice blog!

July 24, 2009

 Hi! ebabians I would like to share my all time favorite song. There are so many words coming into my mind right now and when I heard this song I feel so relax and calm. I hope you feel the same way. Have a wonderful day !!!